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Razorpay Reseller Partners

Razorpay's Partner Program aims to enable businesses to build payments into their platform products and introduce payment capabilities to their suite of services.

The Partner Program provides a smoother onboarding of clients (sub-merchants) and lets Partners take action on their behalf.

Who is a Reseller?#

Reseller Partners are businesses or individuals who refer and/or integrate Razorpay for their clients. Unlike Aggregators, Reseller Partners are typically not involved in managing transactions on behalf of their clients.

The Reseller Partner model focuses mainly on the commissions earned by the merchant for their referrals.

For example, a blogging platform company, Acme, registers as a Reseller with Razorpay and refers a client. Acme can add clients directly from the Razorpay dashboard, and can view the list of referred merchants and their activation statuses.