Create a Razorpay Account

Sign up for a Razorpay account with the Easy Onboarding Flow and start using the various Razorpay Payments and Banking Plus products.

You must sign up for a Razorpay account to use the Razorpay Payments products, access the Dashboard and accept payments from customers. However, the payments are settled in your account only after verifying your KYC.

To create a Razorpay Account, go to the

and click Get started →.

Follow these steps for a smooth sign up process:









Provide your contact details to get started.

  1. Enter your 10-digit Mobile Number.
  2. Select the check box below to receive updates on WhatsApp. Click Send OTP.
    Enter phone number to receive updates on WhatsApp
  3. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number. If you did not receive the OTP, click Resend OTP.
  4. Click Submit OTP.
    Submit OTP to receive updates on WhatsApp
  5. Enter your Name and click Continue.
    Enter name to receive updates on WhatsApp

Tell us more about where you want to accept payments.

  1. Select where you want to accept payments from the given options. You can also select multiple options if relevant.

  2. If you select Others as an option, add a description. Click Continue.

    Platform Details - Select an option
  3. If you select Website/App, add your website/app link and click Continue or click Add Later to add the details afterwards.

    Handy Tips

    In case you do not have a website/app, you can still accept payments via

    and .
    If you want to accept payments on your website or app at a later point in time, you can enter these details afterwards.

    Platform Details - Add website Link

Provide the following business and PAN details:

  1. Select your business type from the list. Know more about


  2. Click Continue.

    Select a business type
  3. Enter your PAN/Business PAN and click Continue. We will verify the details with the Central PAN database.

    Handy Tips

    Extra PAN may be asked based on your business type.

    • For Individuals: Business Owner's PAN
    • For Registered Business: Business PAN (Company PAN) and Authorised Signatory PAN (One of the directors)
    • For Registered Business (only Proprietorship): Authorised Signatory/Proprietor's PAN

    Enter PAN Number
  4. Confirm the name associated with the PAN by clicking Yes, Confirm. To edit the PAN details, click Edit PAN.

    PAN details confirmation
  5. Enter your Brand Name. This should be the name of your business that your customers recognise. Click Continue.

    Platform Details - Enter Brand Name
  6. Select the relevant Business Category from the list. For example, retail store, online store/marketplace, government and so on.

    Platform Details - Select Business Category
  7. Choose a Subcategory from the list. For example, if you selected Online store/Marketplace, specify the category under it from the list.

    Platform Details - Select Sub-category
  8. Specify the category under the subcategory selected in the previous step. In case you selected Ecommerce, choose the category under it from the list.

    Platform Details - Category in the Sub-category
  9. Describe your business in at least 50 characters. Click Continue.

    Platform Details - Describe your business

Provide details to receive account updates.

  1. Enter your email id to receive account updates on your email and click Send OTP. If you do not want to receive any updates, click Not Now.
    Enter your email id.
  2. Enter the OTP sent to your email id and click Continue.

You are now ready to start accepting payments. You can:

  • Accept payments upto ₹15,000 in your Razorpay Account.
  • Use popular domestic .

Watch Out!

  • In some cases, additional details may be required once your account is created.
  • Complete the process to activate payments for your account.

Handy Tips

  • Once your account is created, you can accept payments and make payouts using a


  • You can access the Test mode on the Dashboard to test and experience the products offered by Razorpay. Test mode does not involve actual money transactions.

  • You have to generate separate API keys for Live and Test modes. Know more about


  • Even though your account is active and you can start accepting domestic payments, your payments will settle only after


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