An appointment letter is a formal document sent out by companies whenever a candidate gets selected for a position. Usually, the HR department handles this. If you are new at it or not very comfortable writing an appointment letter, then you are at the right place. 

This article will discuss what an appointment letter is, the steps to write one, and provide ready-to-use Word and PDF templates for free.

Appointment letter meaning

An appointment letter is a document that officially confirms a candidate’s employment. Typically, after a successful interview, the candidate is issued an offer letter. After this, the candidate gets a certain time period to review and negotiate the terms and conditions of the offer, like salary structure. Once the negotiation is done, the HR department issues the official appointment letter to the candidate.

How to write an appointment letter

Now that we know the basics of an appointment letter, let us look at what goes into it.

  • A formal letterhead to make it official and the candidate’s name, contact information, and issuance date at the top of the letter.
  • Include a greeting using the candidate’s official name and preceded by a salutation, such as “Dear Atul Sharma.”
  • For writing the letter’s content, either use the traditional paragraph style, where the content is written in full sentences. Or the modern style, where the key sections are listed as bullet points that include small paragraphs.
  • In the introduction paragraph, offer the role formally to the prospective candidate. The offer should include the recipient’s official job title.
  • Provide a brief description of the candidate’s role and responsibilities in the next section.
  • Include the recipient’s starting date as discussed during the interview or job offer stage, along with a brief reference to the conversation.
  • Include the offered position’s working schedule, such as expected daily hours with the start and end time or the expected weekly hours. Also, mention if the role is full-time or part-time.
  • Include the official salary for the position as discussed during the job offer and negotiation stage. Also, include other essential parts of the gross salary in this section, such as pension plans, gratuity, insurance plans, etc.
  • Include all other important additional terms and conditions (such as dress code) towards the end of the letter.
  • Close the letter by stating if the recipient needs to sign the document at the end. Include the deadline for acceptance or response to the letter in this final section.

Appointment letter format

appointment letter

appointment letter

Download Appointment Letter in Word for Free

Download Appointment Letter in PDF for Free

Difference between offer letter and appointment letter

Although an offer letter and an appointment letter have a lot in common, there are some differences.

  • An offer letter is used to inform potential candidates that they have been found suitable for the position. It’s the first official document sent to the candidate. In contrast, an appointment letter is issued only when the candidates affirm that they want to accept the job.
  • An offer letter typically contains the generic information discussed during the interview stages. In the case of an appointment letter, the information is very detailed and specific to the role in question.

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Is an appointment letter a legal document?

An appointment letter becomes legally binding once signed and accepted by the employee. However, the employee can't seek any legal recourse against the employer in case the job doesn't materialise.

Can a job offer be withdrawn after an employee signs the appointment letter?

It is an employer's right to withdraw a job offer if there are valid legal reasons. Otherwise, the employee may take legal action against the employer.


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