Curious friend: So, where did you get the money for your new gaming rig? 

The guy with the rig: Ah, you know, I did some freelancing.

Sounds like an ideal wallet happy summer job. But freelancing as a full time gig is a different ball game, and most likely, you’ll find veterans, jack of all trades and seasonal beginners like ‘the guy with the rig’. 

Yes, it is possible to earn a large sum of money by freelancing, and what was once offline has gone digital. A new playground with new rules. 

To be a successful freelancer in the digital world you have to stir your creativity and uniqueness, but also be self-aware. We will tell you how. 

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How freelancers can make money using Instagram

Yes, that photo-sharing app!

Today, Instagram is your friend’s e-commerce store, the girl next door’s influencer account, and perhaps, the only social media platform that keeps you busy. 

And yes, all that noise about Instagram is actually true. People are making money on it. John, the guy who loves Ramen, gets paid for slurping his bowl empty. And now, enterprises have entered to claim their share, too. 

You can have it all. Here’s how you can successfully start earning money with Instagram:

  • Choose an area of expertise – And if you are a business, the first steps to succeed in your target audience circle is to know them. Do your market research and understand what your followers are looking for. 

The best way to get there is with extensive market research. You can check out other profiles that are popular in your field. Market, advertise and keep innovating to stay on top of the game

  • Open your online store on Instagram – For example, you started sketching as a hobby, and suddenly the Instagram bug bit you. What you created was everywhere; friends shared your piece, you used the right hashtags and partnered with specific pages to promote your creation. And, it was all organic.

Additionally, you channelled interested people towards your Instagram profile. Today, you have a healthy follower base, and now you are thinking of monetising your efforts. 

Step 1: Imagine your product 

Step 2: Create a persona of your products/services 

Step 3: Upload kickass pictures to draw more people

Step 4: Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for a shoutout 

Step 5: Educate about your offerings 

Step 6: Showcase an authentic side of your offering 

Step 7: Promote your posts occasionally

Step 8: Create a storefront with zero-coding and start selling, even if you do not have an app or a website

Step 9: Add Payment Page to your Instagram, Facebook or any other social media page and accept online payments instantly

Learn how social media sellers can accept payments online.

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How freelancers can make money using WhatsApp 

You don’t need a fact-checker or a borrowed quote to prove that almost everybody is hooked to WhatsApp. We live ‘Mobile’ every day. 

WhatsApp is catching on as a versatile platform for businesses, enterprises and e-commerce retailers to market themselves as well. With that being said, the app also gives a chance to industrious users to pad their income. Yes, you can make money, too using WhatsApp.

  • Market yourself or your business on WhatsApp – Let’s say your business has a decent online presence, but your messaging or posts aren’t reaching your customers, and you do not have a budget to run ads or promote social posts regularly. Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Make a WhatsApp group 

Step 2: Build hype on social media about the group

Step 3: Promote the post for seven days (do it once)

Step 4: Once people start adding themselves, you are set

Step 5: Promote your products and services, but don’t spam 

Step 5: You can use Razorpay’s payment links to collect payments

Explore other features of WhatsApp:

          1. You can send a broadcast message and address customers directly 
          2. Share promotional content using the app’s file sharing features 
          3. Create a mailing list for your specific WhatsApp contact 
          4. Create a custom signature for your website link (If you have a website) 
          5. Update your WhatsApp status because more users check status updates rather than messages (Talk about your product)

Unlike any other app, communication is more fluid in WhatsApp–an individual can address customer queries person to person. Whereas, on Twitter and Facebook responding to tweets or comments takes a day unless you have enough bandwidth to humanise your social media. 

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How freelancers can make money using Facebook?

Today Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users, which makes it the most prominent social media network in the world.

And that is why Facebook can offer freelancers, homepreneurs and even large e-commerce companies a plethora of opportunities to sell their products or services. 

Before you start, make sure your product/service complies with Facebook’s policies, you have the right pricing, know your target audience and can convince people to buy through great copywriting.

Here’s your marketing checklist:

  • Create engaging content: A page that screams out ‘Buy’ is like Netflix without Narcos. Ask yourself what is that one thing your followers would relate to when they think about your page? Basic psychology, people frequently visit the page that has unique content. It makes them think about the business owner (You), they build a persona, and the sale depends on that image. So who are you going to be? 
  • Free Giveaway: I remember, Milo, a chocolate malt beverage company organised a 400-meter running competition in my school, and everybody participated for fun. Of course, the fastest won medals, but the remaining participants received a magnet dinosaur and unlimited Milo drinks. Who’s crying now? Everybody was happy, and perhaps, the only reason I’m pointing it out today.

Businesses need to find out the most active and responsible person on their page and make them feel special. Rewarding your active audience will encourage more conversation on your page and one day you might have an army of brand guardians.

  • Encourage users to generate content: Our generation eats and sleeps memes, even the ones who pronounce it ‘may-may’ are part of this new culture rage. If your business is good at humour then there’s no harm in exploring memes.

Whereas, product testimonials posts, callouts, reviews, and customers tags can always inspire people to remain glued to your page. But don’t limit yourself to polls, selfie contests, Q&As. Make new ones and ‘slay them may-mays’. 

  • Sponsored content and Facebook ads: Organic content is considered as the stronghold of any business, but paid posts adds extra flairs to your suite. Here’s what you need to remember before you jump in:
            1. Run a pilot campaign
            2. Craft the right message 
            3. Address the pain point
            4. Find the catalyst of your product/service
            5. Create a lead magnet 

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Go make your own story. Slow and steady. 



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