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Find answers to frequently asked questions about RazorpayX Lite and RazorpayX powered Current Account.

Your RazorpayX Lite is referred to as a business account. This account has an account number and an IFSC. You can transfer funds to and from this account, store them and make payouts from it, as and when you wish.

Your business account is created when you sign up for RazorpayX. You can start transacting after account activation.

No. In the current version of RazorpayX platform, you can only have one business account per Merchant ID. However your RazorpayX Current Account will be added as an additional business account once opened.

Yes. You can share your business account number and IFSC with your business contacts to receive funds. They will be able to add your business account number to their bank portals and transfer funds to your account.

You can view all transactions made against your business account via your RazorpayX Dashboard or under your Account Statement. You can also fetch these using


You can check your current balance against your business account on Dashboard home page or via API. Know more about


Yes. Just like on your Razorpay Dashboard, you can switch between different accounts on your RazorpayX Dashboard, provided you have been added as a team member on your other RazorpayX accounts.

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