Refunds - Sample Payload

Sample payload for refunds

Following is the list of currently available webhook events for refunds.

The table below lists the webhook events available for refunds.

Webhook EventDescription
refund.createdTriggered when a refund is created.
refund.processedTriggered when the refund is successfully processed.
refund.failedTriggered when we are not able to process a refund.
refund.speed_changedTriggered when the processing speed changes from instant to normal and the requested speed was set to optimum .
This is applicable for Instant Refunds only.

Watch Out!

If you have changed your webhook secret, remember to use the old secret for webhook signature validation while retrying older requests. Using the new secret will lead to a signature mismatch.

Do Not Parse or Cast the Webhook Request Body

While generating a signature at your end, ensure that the webhook body is passed as an argument in the raw webhook request body. Do not parse or cast the webhook request body.

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