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Thirdwatch is an AI-driven solution that helps online sellers prevent Return to Origin (RTO).

Thirdwatch analyzes customer orders based on various parameters and flags risky orders in real time. It allows you to make go or no-go decisions on these orders, preventing RTO losses to your business.

Orders are analyzed based on the customer's account details such as:

Below is an overview of how Thirdwatch collects information associated with the life cycle of an order to help you make decisions.

Create an Account#

Before you integrate, you must create an account with Thirdwatch. When you sign up, you get:

  • Access to the Thirdwatch Dashboard from where you can make go or no-go decisions on orders placed by your customers.
  • Your API key, which is required to integrate with the Thirdwatch APIs.

Follow the below steps to create an account:

  1. Navigate to the Thirdwatch website, provide the following information and click Create Account.

    • Email address
    • Password

  2. You are sent an activation email to the provided email address. Click Activate Your Account in the email.

  3. Your Account is registered and you are sent your API key via another email. Use this API key while making API calls.

You can log into the Thirdwatch Dashboard using the email and password entered during account creation.

You can now proceed with the integration of Thirdwatch.


You can integrate your website with Thirdwatch using:

  • Plugins, if your website runs on platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce.
  • APIs, if your website is custom-made.

Plugin Integration#

To integrate Thirdwatch with your Woocommerce or Shopify store, all you need to do is install the plugin from the respective marketplace or store.

After you install the Thirdwatch plugin, no further action is required from you. Thirdwatch automatically collects the required information, analyzes it and gives you insights into the order allowing you to make go or no-go decisions.

You view these insights and approve or reject orders from the Thirdwatch Dashboard.


You can download the Thirdwatch WooCommerce plugin for your WooCommerce store from the WordPress Marketplace. Steps to install the plugin are available on the Marketplace.

Alternatively, if you like, you can download the plugin from the Thirdwatch Github page


You can download the Thirdwatch Shopify plugin from the Shopify app store.

API Integration#

You can use our APIs to integrate your websites with Thirdwatch. There are multiple APIs available for integration.

However, you do not need to integrate with all the available APIs. To get started, we recommend you integrate with the following 4 APIs. Use these APIs to pass the required information to Thirdwatch.

  • Create an account (for your customer).
  • Create an order.
  • Submit customer payment information and results.
  • Update order and item status

You also have to add a JavaScript module to your website. This helps identify unique devices, irrespective of the browser or the mode (normal or incognito) in which the browser is used.

Thirdwatch uses this information to analyze orders placed by your customers and gives you insights to make go or no-go decisions.

Refer to the API Integration section for more details.

Order Status#

Once an order has been analyzed by Thirdwatch AI, it will either have the green or red status.


An order is marked green when all information required to ship an order is available. You can safely ship the order to your customer.


An order is marked red when an order has a high probability of RTO. When an order is marked red, it means that you must review the order and decide if the order can be shipped or not.

You can choose to:

  • Approve the order and ship it to your customer.
  • Decline the order. The order will be cancelled.
  • Put the order on hold. You can further check the information and then choose to either approve or reject the order.