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Integrate Razorpay Magic Checkout for COD, faster checkouts, reduced RTOs, and gain order insights. Simplify payments with one gateway and accept payments using various plugins.

Razorpay Magic Checkout enables seamless prepaid and COD transactions on your platform. It reduces COD RTOs by analysing customer shopping history and address quality. Customers can securely save addresses and payment details for future use across Razorpay network sites. You can efficiently run promotions with coupon-based discounts for your customers.

Feature Request

  • This is an on-demand feature. Please fill out the to get this feature activated on your Razorpay account.
  • At present, Magic Checkout is available only on Standard Checkout on , and integrations.

Watch the video below to know more about Magic Checkout.


With Magic Checkout you can:

  • Reduce RTOs and Improve COD Intelligence
    Magic Checkout offers the following features to better RTO protection and improve COD intelligence.

  • Convert COD Orders to Prepaid
    Urge customers who chose cash on delivery while placing an order to convert to prepaid by offering discounts or incentives post-order placement. You can do this by sending your customers a conversion link via WhatsApp. Know how to


  • RTO Analytics
    View in-depth information about the various RTO activities on Magic Checkout and improve your overall business health. Know more about


  • Integrate with Logistics Partners
    Seamlessly integrate with logistics partners to facilitate efficient order fulfillment and delivery processes. Know more about how to integrate with


  • Leverage Various Plugins
    Access a range of plugins to customise and enhance your e-commerce platform, meeting specific business needs and improving functionality. Know more about how to integrate with

    and .

  • Eliminate Multiple Payment Gateways
    Simplify payment processing with a single gateway, reducing complexity and enhancing transaction efficiency through Magic Checkout. Know more about how to integrate on your



  • Seamless Prepaid and COD Transactions
    Magic Checkout offers flexible payment options for both prepaid and cash-on-delivery transactions, providing a smooth checkout experience for customers.

  • Faster Checkout Experience
    Streamlined checkout process ensures quicker and smoother transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting completed purchases.

  • Increased conversions
    Frictionless checkout experience reduces cart abandonment rates and increases sales.

  • Save Customer Addresses and Payment Details
    Securely store customer addresses and payment information during checkout, enabling faster and convenient future transactions.

  • Reduced RTOs

    • Prevent customers with past RTO behaviour from placing COD orders. Filter out COD orders with gibberish/incomplete addresses.
    • You can manually review potential RTO orders and decide whether to provide customers COD option based on the insights we provide.
  • Efficient Promotions
    Easily run coupon-based discounts to foster customer loyalty and drive increased sales.


  • Create a


  • on the Razorpay Dashboard.

    Handy Tips

    The test mode is a simulation mode that you can use to test your integration flow. Your customers will not be able to make payments in this mode.

    When your integration is complete, switch to live mode and generate live mode API keys. Replace test mode keys with live mode keys in the integration to accept payments from customers.

You can test our Checkout by clicking the Pay with Magic Checkout button. Provide your phone number, email address, select your preferred payment method and complete the test payment.

Razorpay Magic Checkout is supported on the following platforms:


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