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API Error Codes

API error codes are sent to you when an API cannot be fired. We return a JSON error response that contains the reason for the failure. You can use this response to make changes to the API request body and try to fire them again.

Handy Tips
The error object in the payouts' API response gives more details about the exact reason for a payout failure and the suggested next steps. You can enable these changes from the RazorpayX Dashboard.
Please share this information with your developers and make sure to check if there is any hard mapping for parameters before making this change. Once enabled, these changes cannot be reverted back.

Sample Code🔗

Copy{ "error": { "code": "BAD_REQUEST_ERROR", "description": "The id provided does not exist", "source": "business", "reason": "input_validation_failed", "step": "NA", "metadata": {} } }
string Type of the error. For example, BAD_REQUEST_ERROR.
string A description for the error. For example, The id provided does not exist.
string Possible values:
  • business: Merchant action required.
  • internal: Technical error at Razorpay's server.
string The error reason. For example, input_validation_failed.
NA Not applicable for API Error Codes, value displayed to maintain consistency of error object.
Null value Not applicable for API Error Codes, value displayed to maintain consistency of error object.

API Error Source🔗




Merchant action required.


Technical error at Razorpay's server.

API Error Reason and Next Steps🔗

The table below lists the various API error reasons, explains the likely reason for the error and suggests the next steps you can take to fix the error.



Next Step


Failed due to wrong request or input sent in the request parameter. Check the error description parameter for more information about the error.

Make the necessary changes and retry. Know about the API response paremeters.


You do not have enough funds in your account to make the transaction.

Add funds to your account or use different account and retry.


Technical error at Razorpay's server. This usually occurs when there is some server issue at Razorpay's end.

Retry after some time or reach out to RazorpayX Support from the Dashboard.