Attendance Setup

Configure the attendance process in RazorpayX Payroll and integrate biometric devices as per your leave set up.

To configure the attendance for your employees you can:

You have three options via Payroll to track the attendance of your employees.

Dashboard Attendance

As a part of the default Payroll subscription, you can use the attendance module as applicable to your organisation. You can also enable or disable it from Settings on your Dashboard.

Custom Biometric Device

You can set up a biometric device and integrate it with Payroll to track attendance. The device can use fingerprints or swipe cards to automatically log the check-in/check-out timings of all the employees and contractors in your organisation.

It automatically synchronises all data with Payroll so you can see your attendance data through the web interface as well. You can set up using the



If you have your internal mechanism for maintaining leave and attendance, but would like to synchronize that data with Payroll, then you can use our API. This automates data synchronisation. For more details on APIs, check under SettingsAPI.

Jibble Integration

Jibble can be connected to your RazorpayX Payroll account using API credentials. Unpaid employee leaves or loss of pay data can easily be fetched from Jibble and added as respective deductions. Know more about

for attendance.

You can integrate a CAMS device or a third-party device with RazorpayX Payroll to sort time management, leaves and holidays for your employees. Explore the following about the custom device integration for attendance:

Check the

when setting up your CAMS biometric device.

Handy Tips

  1. Payroll supports


  2. In particular, we recommend the

    or . We are not compatible with the i32 Macronium.

In case you already have a third-party biometric device, you can test and configure it as mentioned in the


As an Payroll user, you can directly purchase a device from the link given above. While adding the device to the cart, ensure you have added the Biometric Integration with Razorpay Payroll System option as well. This is necessary to set up the biometric device.

After you receive the device, you just need to power it and connect it to the internet via WiFI/LAN. All your employees, contractors and new additions get automatically pushed to the device over this connection.

Users must be associated with their fingerprints (or faces, depending on the device), and once this is done, the device automatically runs a trial for the check-in/check-out timings.

Handy Tips

In case you have more than one account on Payroll, you can integrate the same biometric device with multiple accounts.

You can integrate a third-party biometric device with RazorpayX Payroll. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

  1. To start the integration, you must first test the device's compatibility with Payroll on this site: .
  2. On this page, enter all the requested information. If the device is compatible, a success message appears that says Device Verified.
  3. Purchase the .
  4. On the checkout page, under Add Services, select Razorpay - Biometric Integration with Razorpay Payroll System, as shown.
    Add services dropdown menu showing integration option with RazorpayX Payroll
  5. You have now successfully integrated the third-party biometric device with Payroll. Refer to the rest of the to set up your new device.

After you have purchased a CAMS device, you can now integrate it with Payroll. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the

    , and log in.

    CAMS log in Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Device Status and confirm if your device is online. If it does not appear online, ensure your device is connected to the internet.

    CAMS - Dashboard
  3. Click on Device Management. Copy-paste the Service Tag ID into a text file.

  4. In the Device Management tab, to the left of Device Status tab:

    • Click on the Manage icon.
    • Ensure the callback URL has this value:
    • Make sure the encryption key is empty and click on the button to generate an auth token.
    • Copy-paste the auth token into a text file as well.
  5. Then go to the Payroll integrations page for CAMS. Here, enter the callback URL under add a new device. Also enter the Service Tag ID and auth token from steps 3 and 4 above.

  6. Once the device setup is complete, we automatically push all of your Payroll data of employees and contractors to the device.

    Watch Out!

    This process can take up to an hour. Please do not add the employee details manually to the device, since they need to be added by our system for the device to work properly.

  7. Once the employees details appear on the device, you can register their fingerprints/faces on the device. The device starts syncing the data with Payroll attendance instantly.

In case your there are troubles and errors in the setup process, you can refer to the

provided below.

If your CAMS biometric device has issues like synchronising check-in data with Payroll, or not displaying all of your employees/contractors, follow the steps mentioned below.

No Connectivity

Most of the time, the device has lost internet connectivity and that must be restored.

  • To check this, log into the CAMS portal and check the Device Status tab as mentioned in the .
  • On this page, check the device status (shown by a green dot), and the Last device connection time.

If the device appears offline or the last connected time is not in the past couple of minutes, please check the device's internet connectivity.

Provide Auth Token

If the device is online and is not operating, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Device Management tab.
  2. Click the Manage icon, and check the auth token. The auth token should be the same as what you see under IntegrationCAMSManage on Payroll.
  3. Check your callback URL. It should have this value -

Sync Employee Data

If all of the above methods have failed, you can try to re-sync the employee data with the biometric device.

  1. On the CAMS integration page, click on the re-sync button. This process can take up to 1 hour.

    Watch Out!

    Do NOT add your employees details to the device manually. They have to be pushed by RazorpayX Payroll.

  2. If your employees details have been pushed to the device, register their biometrics on the device and do a trial check. The attendance data must be updated within 1 minute on Payroll.

If none of the above works, please


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