Install Razorpay .NET SDK

Install the Razorpay .NET server-side SDK to interact with Razorpay APIs.

You can install the Razorpay .NET SDK and integrate it with your .NET-based website to accept payments, initiate refunds and do much more.

Watch Out!

You must use .NET 4.5 with TLS version 1.2. Using it with a lower .NET version will lead to errors. Check the


The .NET Client API follows the below practices:

  • Namespaced under Razorpay.Api.
  • The .NET client throws exceptions instead of returning errors.
  • Options are passed as a Dictionary instead of multiple arguments, wherever possible.
  • All requests and responses are communicated over JSON.

Here is how you can integrate the .NET SDK with your .NET based website.

Install Razorpay using either:

To install the SDK using NuGet Package Manager:

  1. from the releases section on GitHub.

  2. and install it.

    Handy Tips

    The NuGet Package Manager only supports .NET 4.0 and higher. Ensure that you have the appropriate version of .NET installed.

  3. Run the following command on the NuGet Package Manager:

    Install-Package Razorpay -Version {version_number}

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