Configure Webhooks to receive alerts about the status of tokens and recurring payments as they occur.

You can use Razorpay

to receive notifications of all events related to payment states and the token in the recurring payments workflow.

You can

to get notifications about the following:

Once the customer has made the Authorization Payment, it moves through the following states as per the


CreatedPayment is created when a customer enters and submits the payment information.NA
AuthorizedPayment is authorized when the customer’s payment details are successfully authenticated by the bank.
CapturedIndicates that the payment is verified by you.
Once a payment is captured you can .
FailedIndicates that the payment has failed.
If the payment has failed, you need to again.

A registration link moves through the following states during its life cycle:

IssuedA registration Link is created and sent to the customer.NA
PaidPayment is made for the issued registration Link.
Once the registration Link is paid, search for Token corresponding to the payment.
CancelledThe registration link has been canceled. In such cases, you need to create a registration link again.NA
ExpiredThe registration link has expired. You can set an expiry timestamp at the time of creation.

token_statusDescriptionNext Step
initiatedIndicates that the bank is processing the mandate registration.Wait for the webhook.
confirmedIndicates that the bank has completed the mandate registration.
rejectedIndicates that the mandate registration has failed.Create the authorization transaction again.
cancelledIndicates that the token has been cancelled.Create the authorization transaction again if you want to charge the customer.
pausedIndicates that the token has been paused by your customer.The token is inactive. Your customer has paused the token. Ask them to resume the token to charge them.

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