Add Images, Videos and More

Add images, videos, hyperlinks, create lists, and change font style and colour for your Payment Pages.

You can add a page description to describe the payment purpose and help your customers know more about the page.You can add the following to your Payment Pages:

Handy Tips
If you are using a template, the sample description only contains heading levels and content.

Add Headings🔗

You can define up to 2 heading levels. Select Heading for your major level 1 headings and Subheading for level 2 heading and Normal Text for content.

Handy Tips
Defining heading levels in your description makes the information look more structured and neat.

Change Font Style and Color🔗

There are 10 font colors from which you can choose to choose. There are three font styles that you can apply to the text:

  • Boldface
  • Italics
  • Underline

Create Lists🔗

You can create lists to display the information in a sequence. You can create

  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists

Add an Image🔗

Click the image icon to upload an image from your local system. We support images with dimensions 40x40. Formats supported are JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Add a Video🔗

Click the video icon and Enter Video URL. This will embed the hosted video into your page.

URLs entered as plain-text in the Description field are automatically converted to hyperlinks. You can use the Link icon to add YouTube or Vimeo video links to text. You cannot add links to images.

Add Sharing Options🔗

The +Add social media share icons option adds CTA (call-to-action) buttons for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Add Contact Information🔗

Click Add your contact information to add contact details. You can add:

  1. Phone number
  2. Email address

Add Notes🔗

Click Add Terms & Conditions to add the terms and conditions for a transaction.