Add Domain Link

Create a customised URL for your Payment Page.

With the custom domain linking feature, you can link your domain to your Payment Page's URL. This allows you to align your payment page with your website/brand.

For example, say you have a blog website named and are charging fees for your course using a Payment Page. You can now link this page to your website by adding a custom slug using the Domain Linking feature. As a result, the URL will be where blogcourse-payment is the custom slug given to your Payment Page.

Example website

Connect Your Domain Link🔗

Follow the steps given below to connect your domain link to your Payment Page:

  1. Log into the Dashboard and navigate to Payment Pages.

  2. Select the page you wish to link to your domain and click Edit Page.

  3. This opens the page in edit mode. Click Page Settings.

  4. In the pop-up page that appears, click Connect Domain.

  5. Enter the domain or sub-domain you wish to use as your Payment Page's URL and click Next.

  6. Go to your domain and update the DNS values after receiving them. Given below is an example from Google Domains:

  7. After updating the DNS values, select the check box that asks if you have updated the DNS values and click Verify connection.

  8. After your domain is connected, customise the URL by clicking Okay, customize URL.


Customise your Domain Link (Optional)🔗

After successfully connecting your domain, you can customise your domain link by following the steps given below:

  1. Click Page Settings.

  2. In the pop-up page that appears, select one of these:

    • Use my domain: Select this option to customise your domain link name as per your preference. For example, assam-flood-relief-funds.

    • Use Razorpay's domain: Select this option to use Razorpay's domain.

    • Click Save.

  3. Click Save and Update after customising domain link.


Your page is now live with the updated domain link.

image title

Remove Your Domain Link🔗

You can choose to remove the domain link from your Payment Page. Follow the steps given below to remove your domain:

  1. Remove the DNS values from your Domain.

  2. Click Page Settings. In the pop-up page that appears, click Remove domain.

  3. Click Yes, remove domain to confirm the removal.

    image title
  4. You have successfully removed your domain from your Payment Page. Click Save.