Recieve notifications for your Razorpay virtual account for payment captured event using webhooks and receive email notifications for payment successful event .

You will be notified of any payments made to your virtual accounts via webhook and email.

All payments made using BharatQR towards your account will show up on your Dashboard as well as in the usual payment API response as payments made with receiver qr_code. You can view the funds received by a virtual account using the amount_paid field in the virtual account entity. This field specifies the total amount (in Paise) that has been paid to the virtual account.


Payments made using this method will also trigger webhooks much like regular payments. Refer our Webhooks documentation to learn how to use webhooks.

Virtual Account Credited Event🔗

Payments made using BharatQR are notified via the virtual_account.credited webhook event. The payload for this event contains details of the payment itself, as well as the virtual account that the payment was made towards.

Copy{ "entity": "event", "account_id": "acc_CJoeHMNpi0nC7k", "event": "virtual_account.credited", "contains": [ "payment", "virtual_account" ], "payload": { "payment": { "entity": { "id": "pay_EsWT9LM5LNXtG6", "entity": "payment", "amount": 500, "currency": "INR", "status": "captured", "order_id": null, "invoice_id": null, "international": false, "method": "card", "amount_refunded": 0, "refund_status": null, "captured": true, "description": "Bharat Qr Payment", "card_id": "card_EsWT9QCC3I1E1c", "card": { "id": "card_EsWT9QCC3I1E1c", "entity": "card", "name": "Razorpay", "last4": "1111", "network": "Visa", "type": "debit", "issuer": null, "international": false, "emi": false }, "bank": null, "wallet": null, "vpa": null, "email": null, "contact": null, "notes": { "tea": "earl_grey" }, "fee": 5, "tax": 0, "error_code": null, "error_description": null, "error_source": null, "error_step": null, "error_reason": null, "created_at": 1589958324 } }, "virtual_account": { "entity": { "id": "va_EsWSDoOxW3zhPV", "name": "Acme Corp", "entity": "virtual_account", "status": "active", "description": "test it", "amount_expected": null, "notes": { "reference_key": "repeat" }, "amount_paid": 500, "customer_id": null, "close_by": null, "closed_at": null, "created_at": 1589958272, "receivers": [ { "id": "qr_EsWSDoeAS1SREz", "entity": "qr_code", "reference": "EsWSDoeAS1SREz", "short_url": "", "created_at": 1589958272 } ] } } }, "created_at": 1589958325 }


You will also receive a 'payment successful' notification email, as you do for regular payments.