Display Offers on Checkout

Know how to create promotional offers on the Razorpay Dashboard and display them on Checkout.

To attract customers and improve your sales, you can use our Offers solution to provide discounts or cashback on your website or apps.

How It Works🔗

  1. Create Offers and display them on Checkout.

  2. Customers select the offer and complete the payment.

  3. An order gets created on the Shopify Dashboard with these details:

  • Authorization Key: The order_id and payment_id, separated by a |.

  • Message: The discounted cost paid by the customer.

  • Amount: The actual cost of the product/service.

    Watch Out!
    The Amount field does not display the amount paid by the customer. It displays the total cost of the product/service before the discount.

Discounted amount on Shopify Dashboard


Given below is an example.


Amount (₹)

Actual Cost


Discount Amount


Discounted Cost (Actual Cost minus Discount Amount)


Discounted amount on Shopify Dashboard