Build Your Own Razorpay Plugin - Use Cases

Use cases about when it is necessary to build a custom plugin.

Following are some specific cases whose integration is handled on a case-by-case basis:


If the platform is used to collect donations, you cannot rely on the amount to be generated on the backend. While you will be ignoring this check, you should still be storing the Razorpay order ID and re-verifying it after payment completion.

We won't be able to activate all non-profits and would be considering such merchants on a case-by-case basis.


If your website is likely to be accessed mostly in the Facebook browser or via other mobile applications in a webview, it might face certain issues. Refer to our Callback URL documentation for more details on how to handle this.

Network Connectivity Issues🔗

If the customer has an issue with the network connectivity, you will not know of the payment completion from your website. In such cases, you can use our Webhooks to get notified of all authorized payments and then you can mark them as successful at your end.