Build Your Own Razorpay Plugin - FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about building a custom plugin.

  1. How do I sign up for a test account?🔗

    You can sign up for a Razorpay account from the Dashboard sign up page. You don't need to submit any documents to access test mode. All to need to do is verify your email address.
    Refer to the Create a Razorpay Account page for more details.

  2. How do I find SDKs for various languages?🔗

    We provide ready-to-use SDK packages for various languages. For a complete list of all available integrations, refer to the Razorpay Integrations Page. If the language you prefer is not in the list, you can continue making the requests using CURL or HTTP package of that particular language.

  3. How to create a Razorpay API instance?🔗

    Refer to the the README file of that particular SDK for these details.

  4. How do I find my Razorpay credentials?🔗

    The email and password is only used to login to the Dashboard.
    To authenticate APIs, you will need to generate a [Key_ID] and [Key_Secret]. You can generate these from the Settings section of your Dashboard. Generate API Keys from the Dashboard.

  5. How do I find the base URL for Razorpay API?🔗

    The current Razorpay API is versioned at v1, so all requests should be made to

  6. How do I find sample code for my language?🔗

    We have sample applications for many languages all of which can be found on the Razorpay Integrations Page.