Subscription Button

Create Razorpay Subscription Button and embed it on your website to accept recurring or one time payments from customers.

You can start accepting payments via Razorpay Subscription Button that allows you to accept recurring via subscriptions or one-time payments.

We support only cards for subscription payments and all payment methods for one-time payments.

Accessible from the Razorpay Dashboard, Subscription Button helps you to create a single line of code that you can embed on your website or blog and display a button.

Feature Request

This is an on-demand feature. Please raise a request with our

to get this feature activated on your Razorpay account.

  • Allows you to collect recurring payments via subscriptions based on the suggested plans.
  • Eliminates the time and effort spent in a full-fledged payment gateway integration.
  • Makes you go from Create-to-Collect in a matter of minutes.
  • Enables you to test changes immediately with the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.
  • Seamlessly flows with your branding guidelines, providing flawless user experience.

Examples of businesses that can use Payment Button to accept payments from customers:

  • Small Businesses
    A small business that offers service online and accepts subscription payments on their website.

  • Donations
    Charitable Organizations can collect either fixed payments or a plan that is daily or monthly like subscription donations on Give India.

  • Support or Contribute
    Freelancers, consultants, artists and so on. They can use this to accept subscription payments.

  • Media Streaming
    Small news websites and content streaming websites can use this to accept subscription payments from their patrons.