Add Facebook Pixel on Payment Success Page

Add your Facebook Pixel on your payment success page and track payments and conversions from your Facebook advertisements.

Do you use Razorpay Payment Buttons to accept payments from customers and redirect them to a success page post payment? Do you also advertise on Facebook and use Facebook Pixel to track conversions?

If yes, you should integrate Facebook Pixel on your payment success page to track and analyse ad conversion to payments.

Let us assume you run a website selling pets supplies. You attract customers using advertisements on Facebook and sell them pet products on your website using Razorpay Payment Button.

To track and measure the effectiveness of these Facebook ads and how many of them convert into purchases, you need to add a redirect from your Payment Button to this success page.

To do redirects:

  1. Navigate to your Payment Button in the edit mode on the Button Created Successfully page.
  2. Click Configure for the Redirect URL and Custom Message.
  3. On the pop-up page, enable Redirect URL.
  4. Add the redirect URL in the field.
  5. Click Save.

Every time a customer successfully completes a payment, they will be directed to the success page. Facebook pixel will track this event.

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