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Batch Upload

While Payment Links is a fairly simple way of collecting payments from your customers, generating them for large volumes of orders can become challenging. Especially if you are a business that accepts majority of its payments through Payment Links and are issuing them as part of your process.

You can generate and process Payment Links in bulk by uploading a batch file in the Dashboard. This saves time and eliminates the hassle of creating multiple individual links.

Learn how to create a batch of Payment Links from the Dashboard.

Batch File Format#

A batch file is a simple .xlsx or .csv file that contains all the necessary details for creating links for a list of Receipt Nos. The required fields for creating a batch file are explained in the table below:

Invoice No. optional
You must enter a unique number for each link. This is associated with the order created at your back end. This field has a limit of 40 characters.
Customer Name optional
Name of the customer.
Customer Email optional
Email address of the customer.
Customer Contact optional
Contact number of the customer.
Currency optional
Defaults to INR. We accept international payments for more than 90 currencies.
Amount mandatory
Amount to be paid by the customer in currency subunits. For example, if currency selected is 'INR', then the amount must be in paise.
Description mandatory
Brief description of the Payment Link.
Expire by optional
Time of expiry for the payment links. Supported formats:
DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss (For example, 14-12-2018 18:45:00)
Partial Payment optional
Indicates whether partial payments are enabled for your account. Set to 1 to enable partial payments and 0 to disable.

Download a sample batch file.

The size of a batch file can be up to 10 MB. You can add up to 50,000 rows in a particular file. The links will be processed in the same sequence as listed in the file.

Field names/headers in a batch should not be modified in order avoid an upload failure.

Batch Statuses#

Once uploaded, a batch file moves through two states as shown in the table below:




This is the initial state of a batch. This indicates that the uploaded batch is created in Razorpay's database and is ready to be processed. No processing of payment details is done until this point.


This is the final state of a batch where payment details are processed and the corresponding Payment Links are ready to be issued.