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The Orders tab allows you to view the details of all orders created by you.

You cannot create an order from the Dashboard. You can only create an order using the Orders API.

From the Dashboard you can,

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View Details of an Order🔗

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsOrders.
  2. Click a Order Id to view the details of the order.

The short animation below shows you how to view the details of an order.

Order States🔗


When an order is created, it is in the created state. It stays in the created state` till a payment is attempted on it.


An order moves from the created to the attempted state when a payment is first attempted on it. It remains in the attempted state till all payments associated with the order are captured.

Once all payments associated with the order are captured, it moves to the paid state. No further payment requests are permitted on the order when it is in the paid state.