Perform Sub-Merchant KYC

Know how to perform KYC for your sub-merchants from the Partner Dashboard.

During onboarding, your client will see a consent screen to allow you access to perform KYC. They need to approve it for you to submit the KYC form on their behalf.

  • Decreases Onboarding Time by 50%
    Partner performing KYC for sub-merchants decreases onboarding time by half and ensures a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Value Added Service
    Partner performing KYC acts as a delight feature for your clients.

Reseller Partners can perform KYC for sub-merchants by following the steps given below:

  1. In the Affiliate Accounts section of your Partner Dashboard, click on Request for KYC under the Actions column for the sub-merchant you want to perform KYC.

    Watch Out

    You can only raise 3 requests per sub-merchant for completing the KYC on their behalf. If the sub-merchant declines all the 3 requests, you cannot send any more requests.

  2. Once you click on Request for KYC, a side panel opens. Click Request for KYC access to raise a request. You can also find link to documentation for documents required for KYC in the side panel.

  3. The sub-merchant receives an email to approve or reject the KYC request.

    You can view the status of request on the Partner Dashboard under the Actions tab. Refer to the table below for all statuses and their description.

    Request Merchant for KYC accessApproval required to view Merchant KYC
    Request approved by MerchantMerchant has approved the KYC access request
    Request expiredNew KYC access request needs to be initiated by Partner
    Waiting for Merchant approvalMerchant approval for KYC access is pending
    Request rejected by Merchant onceMerchant has rejected your KYC access request
    Request rejected by Merchant twiceMerchant has rejected your KYC access request 2 times. You can request for access only one more time, if the merchant still doesn't approve, you wont be able to send the request again.
    Request rejected by Merchant thriceMerchant has rejected your KYC access request multiple times. Now, only the merchant can perform their KYC through their merchant dashboard.
  4. If the sub-merchant approves the request, you can fill in the KYC details from the Partner Dashboard by clicking on Perform KYC.

You can view the activation statuses on the Partner Dashboard as shown here:

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