Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions while integrating our iOS SDK.

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I am getting an error Razorpay contains unsupported Architecture x86_64 while submitting the archive to the app store. What should I do?

When a framework is distributed, it contains architectures of the simulators so that the consumer of the framework can build it on a simulator.

However, when you upload the archive on iTunes, you have to strip these architectures.

Follow the below mentioned steps to strip these architectures:

  1. Download the script.
  2. Locate the directory in which Razorpay.framework is present in the archive that you are trying to upload.
  3. Move the attached script in the above directory and run it.
  4. Remove the script file.

Alternatively, you are using cocoapods to build your app. It strips the simulator architectures on it's own.

I am seeing a message on the screen to update my SDK. Will my customers also see the message?


You are seeing the update SDK alert because a newer version of our SDK is available. It is highly recommended that you always use the latest SDK.

This message appears only when you run the app on a simulator or are using a test key to initialize the SDK.

I am getting an error Image not loaded: .dyld. What should I do ?

Please ensure that Razorpay.framework is present in both the Embedded Binaries and Linked Frameworks in your project settings.

Also ensure that Always Embed Swift Libraries is set to yes in the project settings.

This issue might also arise because the Swift version with which Razorpay.framework is developed and the Swift version of your project are not compatible. We highly recommend you to use the framework compiled with the required Swift language from our iOS documentation.

Razorpay's framework is bitcode enabled. Do I also have to enable bitcode in my project?

If you have or do not have bitcode enabled project, you can use our bitcode enabled framework. There will be no issue and our bitcode enabled framework works in both the cases.

I am getting an error Module compiled with Swift X version cannot be imported in Swift Y version. What should I do?

There are multiple Swift versions available. Unfortunately, Apple does not make all the versions compatible with each other. This is why we release frameworks compiled in multiple Swift versions. Download the framework that is compatible with your project.

If you run into a compatibility issue, ensure that you try both the frameworks.

Im getting an error saying Could not find module RazorpayCommonCrypto.

A module map is used to define the header files that should be converted into modules and used by your project.

Razorpay handles this internally. The reason you are facing this issue is because we have made an assumption that your default Xcode's name is, which might not be the case always. For example, your default Xcode might be named Xcode9.3.

To resolve this issue, simply insert this script in the directory that contains Razorpay.framework file and run it from your terminal and your good to go.