Update: These benefits were available until 31st July 2020. The campaign is now officially over.

The world is hit by both natural and man-made disasters. But while very few of them affect the lifestyle habits of people, it is not wrong in saying that the coronavirus crisis is reshaping the world in an entirely unforeseen manner. 

One of the biggest areas of change has been in the way businesses are now operated. Entrepreneurs from all folds have made their way to online platforms, and this is how the future looks like – a stable and stronger one! 

While there are a number of service providers that have helped brick and mortar businesses go online, their primary concern still remains a safe movement of money and other banking operations. We, at Razorpay, have created a full-stack financial ecosystem so that you can focus on your business and unlock growth.

Unlock Growth with Razorpay’s Product Suite

After multiple conversations with small business owners and entrepreneurs, we learned about the significant challenges they face on a daily basis. Some of these are:

  • Managing banking operations 
  • Payroll management for employees
  • Tracking of fake orders, address and transactions
  • Sending receipts after the payments
  • Security concerns while accepting online payments 

Some platforms do cater to these needs individually, but there is no one-stop solution that can help businesses take care of all of these from one single platform, with utmost security. 

Enter Razorpay: Your gateway to #OutgrowOrdinary 

Our range of robust products ensures that you get solutions for every business needs. From accepting payments via Whatsapp to detecting fraud orders through AI, we have it all.

We are offering discounts and free credits across our product stack to help businesses sail through these tough times and to help them unlock growth. Read on to know the details and understand what’s in it for you! 

Safe & easy online payments: Razorpay Payments 

When we started, our goal was to simplify online payments. While we are broadening our product stack, we realise that a considerable chunk of SMBs still struggle to find the right fit to accept payments through different channels. With Razorpay, you can accept payments securely with or without a website. 

Accept payments on your website and app

Razorpay Payment Gateway allows businesses to accept payments with ease. You can offer multiple modes of payments with quick integrations. 

Accept payments with a single link

Razorpay Payment Links is a solution for you if you have just started with your business. Send links via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. and accept payments with ease. 

Accept payments on your online store 

Razorpay Payment Pages can help you create a customised webstore for your business if you do not have a website or an app. Add required details, sell products and share the page on social media.

Sign up before 31st July and avail free credits worth INR 1 lakh if you choose to get started with Razorpay’s Payments Suite

Xperience the future of banking with RazorpayX

If you are looking out for a platform from where you can automate all your banking operations, disburse vendor payouts and get a current account for your business, RazorpayX is the solution for you. 

Not just this, with RazorpayX, you can keep track of your inflows & outflows and bank from anywhere, anytime! 

Get free credits worth INR 33 lakhs, a free current account and a lot more. Sign up before 31st July. Oh, and experience the next-gen banking system! 

Get instant cash for business growth with Razorpay Capital 

Managing funds at the time of a pandemic can be a daunting task for any business. There are chances that a company might not be able to pay wages or salaries, or there is a lack of funds to sustain business operations. 

To help businesses get through these times, Razorpay offers instant financing at lower interest rates. You can easily avail collateral-free working capital loans or cash advance facility from Razorpay’s NBFC & banking partners and fund your needs on the go. 

PS: Applying for a loan or an advance from Razorpay does not affect your credit score.

Our limited-time deal for Razorpay Capital is a 1.25% interest rate on the loan amount you take before 31st July!

Cut down on operational costs with our price slash offer 

With our limited-time price slash offer, get ready to increase profitability for your business. 

Acquire new customers and invite people from across geographies while being safe in your home! Let’s talk about some of the Razorpay products that will help you simplify the way you tackle payments and more.

Razorpay Subscriptions

Subscriptions offers quick and easy integration for businesses. Offer a subscription-based model on your product and ensure the payments are made on time, automatically. 

Razorpay Route

Route allows businesses to split payments between various third parties, sellers or bank accounts and manage settlements, refunds, and reconciliations singularly. 

Razorpay Smart Collect

Smart Collect allows you to automatically reconcile incoming NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI transfers. You can create unlimited virtual accounts free of cost and get notified every time you receive payment. 

To assist businesses to get started with ease, we are offering a discount on our standard pricing. Sign up once and avail the benefits for a lifetime while you get started to unlock growth. 

Fight COD frauds with AI using Razorpay Thirdwatch 

Are you tired and annoyed with the number of fake COD orders and wanting to do away with the operational costs associated with them? Razorpay Thirdwatch is here to your rescue. 

With Razorpay Thirdwatch, you can flag fake orders by analysing multiple parameters like junk details, historical patterns and address verifications in real-time. Infact, you can reduce return-to-origin orders by over 60% using our robust AI algorithm and advanced ML engine. In all, you can automate fraud detection and increase profitability. 

Experience the entire process and measure the result by getting a free trial for 1 month and a discount of 10% for three months post your trial period.

Simplify your payroll with Razorpay Opfin 

Does your HR and admin team use a combination of tools to disburse salaries, maintain records and document employee details? Well, enough of that. It’s time to update your payroll process and have full control over it, even remotely. Move from using Excel sheets to using Opfin

Automate CTC bifurcation, set a payroll date and ensure your employees get paid on time. Get an intuitive dashboard and maintain HR registers with ease! 

To help you get started, we are offering three months of free trials. Make sure to sign up before 31st July to make the best of the deal! 

Razorpay in numbers 

  • 8,00,000+ businesses empowered
  • 5 crores+ payment links created in the last 30 days
  • 50K+ loans processed for SMEs
  • $3Bn worth of payouts processed by RazorpayX
  • 500+ e-commerce businesses trust Thirdwatch to reduce RTO
  • 50K+ employee payrolls processed


Our teams are working on curating the best products and features to cater to all of your business requirements. We believe that a thoughtful product can impact the lives of thousands by easing and automating processes. With secure automation in place, businesses and individuals like you can focus on doubling your business growth. 

Sign up to make the best of the deals offered to you and unlock growth today! If you have any queries, please write to our customer support team and we will be there to help you! 

You can read the detailed terms & conditions of the offer here.


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