In recent years, taking a sabbatical leave has gained a lot of popularity in India. A sabbatical leave is a period of extended leave taken by an employee from their regular job to pursue personal or professional interests, travel, or just take a break from work. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the various aspects of sabbatical leave, including what it is, how long it is, and whether it is paid or unpaid. We’re also providing a free sabbatical leave policy template. 

What is a sabbatical leave?

A sabbatical leave is a period of extended break that an employee takes from their regular job for personal or professional reasons. The leave can be used for a variety of purposes, including pursuing further education, travelling, volunteering, or just taking a break from work. The duration of a sabbatical leave can vary from a few weeks to several months or even a year.

How long is a sabbatical leave?

The duration of a sabbatical leave is usually decided by the employer, and it can vary depending on the company’s policies and the employee’s role. Typically, a sabbatical leave can range from three months to a year. However,  depending on the circumstances, some companies may allow shorter or longer leaves.

Is sabbatical leave paid or unpaid?

Whether or not a sabbatical leave is paid depends on the employer’s policies. In most cases, sabbatical leaves are unpaid. However, some employers may offer a portion of the employee’s salary during the leave period.

How does a sabbatical work?

The process of taking a sabbatical leave is similar to taking any other form of leave. The employee must submit a request for the sabbatical leave to their employer well in advance. The request should include the purpose of the leave, the duration of the leave, and how the employee plans to use the time.

The employer will then review the request and either approve or deny it. If the request is approved, the employee will be granted the sabbatical leave and they can use the time as they wish. The employee must then report back to work after the sabbatical leave and resume their regular duties.

Sabbatical leave policy in India [Free policy template]

Sabbatical leave policies in India can vary depending on the employer and the industry. In general, Indian companies tend to be more conservative when granting sabbatical leaves. However, with the changing work culture and work-life balance becoming increasingly important, many companies are now open to granting their employees sabbatical leaves.

The Right to Walk Away

One aspect of sabbatical leave that is not discussed much in India is the right to walk away. This concept allows employees to take a break from work, travel, or pursue personal interests without worrying about losing their job. It is more common in the US, where employees can take a sabbatical leave without formal approval from their employers. However, in India, this concept is still evolving.

Over to you

In conclusion, a sabbatical leave is a great way for employees to take a break from work and pursue their personal or professional interests. It can be a valuable experience for employees, as it can help them gain new skills, insights, and perspectives that can benefit their careers. While sabbatical leave policies in India are still evolving, employees can take the initiative to approach their employers with well-defined proposals that outline the benefits of the sabbatical and how they plan to use the time. 

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