Every established business knows the importance of a strong HR department. Companies rely on their HR teams to hire and retain talented and dynamic candidates. However, the roles and responsibilities of HR don’t stop at that, and HR managers play an increasingly important role in today’s world. 

HR and its importance

Before exploring the roles and responsibilities of HR in detail, let us understand why HR is so important.

  • Employees are the most crucial part of any organisation as they are directly responsible for driving its growth. The strength and engagement of employees are directly proportional to a strong HR team.
  • The HR department is responsible for recruitment, salary and benefits negotiations and managing employee interaction. 
  • The HR also acts as a bridge between employees and members of upper management in case of disputes. 
  • HR managers have to collaborate with managers to formulate strategic planning. 
  • HR managers also need to ensure that employees adhere to the company’s rules and regulations.

Roles & Responsibilities of HR

Detailed below are the various roles and responsibilities of HR managers: 

  1. Formulating HR strategies aligned with overall business goals is one of the primary roles and responsibilities of every HR manager.
  2. Addressing grievances, requests and other issues and are responsible for improving relations between employees and management. 
  3. Coordinating and supervising an organisation’s HR policies. HR managers need to come up with policies that reflect their organisation’s overall plan.
  4. Communicating and collecting information from other departments about training requirements. HR managers must also analyse training programmes and check how they are implemented.
  5. Inspiring, involving and preserving employees through employee engagement and retention programs.
  6. Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace. The upper management relies on HR to build an office setup that improves the productivity of employees.
  7. Maintaining the salary payment schedule and ensuring that employees get other benefits such as Flexi benefits.
  8. Ensuring the compliance filings to govt. portals of a company’s operations as per the latest labour and tax regulations. Not adhering to statutory compliance rules can amount to legal troubles for a company.

The roles and responsibilities of an HR department are more important than ever for a company’s success. While some consider their responsibilities limited to hiring the right people and addressing complaints, HR performs a wide range of functions in most companies.

For example, they are responsible for formulating employee engagement policies that increase productivity. However, there are numerous roles and responsibilities of HR managers that can be automated to improve operations.

Automate manual HR processes and focus on what matters

RazorpayX Payroll aims to make handling roles and responsibilities of HR much easier. It automates repetitive & error-prone HR admin processes so that you & your team can focus on what matters.


Features of RazorpayX Payroll:

  • It offers all-in-one HR management software that helps HR manage employees right from onboarding to exit. It helps them generate offer letters from pre-defined templates and calculate CTC instantly with the inbuilt CTC calculator. 
  • HR managers do not have to keep asking employees to submit any required documents. Instead, people can upload the documents for investments, employment and tax exemption on the relevant dashboard. 
  • It offers an attendance management system. Employees can easily apply for leaves with their manager’s approval.
  • It also enables employees to upload documents necessary for seeking reimbursements.
  • HR managers can easily access employee payslips, tax declarations and salary, calculations and compliance payments.
  • It automates compliance calculations & filings such as PF, PT, TDS & ESIC



Can startups or small businesses use RazorpayX Payroll?

Yes, RazorpayX Payroll software can be used by startups & enterprises alike. It helps businesses save crucial time by automating disbursements and employee salary calculations.

Is RazorpayX Payroll very expensive?

RazorpayX Payroll is very cost-effective and easy to operate, which makes it an ideal payroll for startups. Its basic plan is free of cost, while its advanced plan costs Rs. 100 per employee.

What experience will a candidate need to enhance their application for HR manager?

Along with a degree in HRM (human resource management), the individual must have experience working as an HR associate and junior HR manager. It would add value to their HR manager's application.


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