The concept of digital transactions has been on the rise with each passing year. This has been made possible with the proliferation of internet-connected devices. Today, you can send and receive money online with the utmost ease.

Consequently, with the round-the-clock available services of digital payment apps, they have become one of the most acceptable ways to transfer and receive money, recharge mobile phones, pay utility bills, and make other digital transactions simply because of their ease of use, simplicity, and security.  

Today, several third-party applications enable online fund transactions. One of the most popular among these platforms is Google Pay, which was introduced by Google in the year 2011. 

In this article, we will talk about the per-day limit of GPay transactions and how we can increase the total amount of transfers. 

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What is Google Pay?

Google Pay provides contactless payment services by working with various payment providers and banks. When you register to make transactions, GPay creates a unique encrypted number without using your debit or credit card number.

GPay Per Day Limit

If you are a Google Pay user, you need to know that GPay per day limit is Rs. 1,00,000. Moreover, the maximum times you can make transactions in a day cannot exceed 10. If you want to spend more money or conduct a greater number of transactions, you will have to wait for the 24-hour time period to get over.  

Note: To avoid any kind of cyber fraud, GPay also allows you to request a maximum limit of Rs. 2000 in a day. 

How to Increase Transfer Limit in Google Pay 

The maximum GPay per day limit can prove to become a hindrance for many businesses. As a merchant, you would need to accept multiple payments in huge amounts. Thankfully, the GPay per day limit does not apply to merchant transactions, I.e., there is no limit on the amount or number of transactions in a day.  

Otherwise, there are two methods through which you can increase GPay per day limit by directly getting in touch with Google. 

  1. You can get in touch with a Google representative with a request to increase the GPay per day limit. The concerned official will take the necessary action and inform you about it. 
  2. Secondly, when you reach the transfer limit in a day, Google will send you an email, given that case you have opted to receive payment-related mails. You can simply reply to this warning mail being the owner of verified payment and request to raise the GPay per day limit. Google will notify you when your request gets accepted, and your GPay per day limit will go up. 

Providing Google Pay as a Payment Method to Customers

Presently, 15 lakhs+ websites use Google Pay as a payment method in India. This is because Google Pay has one of the largest customer bases in India as it is easy to use and increases consumer satisfaction. Moreover, Google Pay offers an added layer of protection against fraud by carefully verifying who is making a payment.  

Google Pay is taking big, revolutionizing steps to improve the payments market in India. Use Google Pay to reap the benefits of a great number of features along with easy money transactions.

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