Find answers to frequently asked questions about RazorpayX.

Find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on RazorpayX.

Payout Links🔗

No, currently it is not. You can only make requests or designate links in Live mode.

2. What are the supported modes for creating Payout Links?🔗

You can create Payout Links via API, RazorpayX Dashboard and Bulk Uploads feature.

3. What happens if the payout of a Payout Link fails due to reasons such as bank downtime or incorrect account details?🔗

If a payout fails due to any reason, the same Payout Link becomes active and moves to the issued state. The customers can retry the payout using the same link. If the 'Send Email/SMS' setting is set to true, the user will be notified on the respective medium.

Yes, if the maker-checker is enabled on the account, maker-checker is applicable to Payout Links.

If the payout for a Payment Link is rejected, only the payout is rejected but the link remains active. You must cancel the Payout Link if you do not want to make any payout.

The Payout Links in the issued state can be resent only from the RazorpayX Dashboard.

No, if the Payout Link is sent to an old Contact (your customer), the previously used Fund account details are displayed. The customers can choose the old Fund account or add a new one to receive payments.

The Payment Links in the issued state can be cancelled via RazorpayX Dashboard or API.

Yes, during the creation of a payout, you can select the medium by which it has to be delivered. Both Email/SMS for a Payout Link can be disabled.

10. Will the customer receive notification upon payout success?🔗

Yes, if 'Send Email/SMS' setting is set to true, the customer receives a notification on successful completion of a payout.

Yes, Payout Links support expiry date and time.

If the funds are insufficient and you have created a Payout Link, the Payout Link is moved to the processed state. Once sufficient funds are added, they will be processed.

13. What Fund account types are supported in Payout Links?🔗

See the table below to know about the Fund account types supported for Payout Links.

Fund account type

Virtual Account

Current Account

Bank Account






Amazon Pay




1. How to generate Account Statement report?🔗

  1. Navigate to Account Statement on the menu.
  2. Select All, Credits or Debits based on the requirement of your report.
  3. Click EXPORT.
  4. Select a date range of 90 days or lesser.
  5. Select .CSV or .XLS format, as required.
  6. Click DOWNLOAD. You can also click EMAIL, select the contact you want to share the report with and click EMAIL REPORT.

Credits and Free Payouts🔗

1. What if I have both Free Payouts and Credits on my account?🔗

If you have both Free Payouts and Credits in your account, Free Payouts are used first. After they are completely used up, the Credits are used.

Let us say that you have an account balance of ₹1,00,000 and want to make 10 payouts each of ₹5,000. The fees and tax for each payout is ₹10. You have 5 Free Payouts and 100 Credits.

The available Free Payouts are used to make the first 5 payouts, that is, no fees and taxes are deducted for these payouts. Fees and tax for the next 5 payouts is deducted from the available Credits.

After all 10 payouts are made:

  • Free payouts remaining will be 0.
  • Credits remaining will be 50. Fees and tax for 5 payouts are deducted from your Credits.
  • Your account balance will be ₹50,000. Only the payout amount has been deducted from your account balance.

2. What if I have 5 Credits, but the fees and tax for the payout is ₹10?🔗

If you have only 5 Credits while the fees and taxes for the payout is more than ₹5, fees and taxes will be deducted from your account balance. It is not possible to partially deduct fees and tax from Credits and deduct the remaining from your account balance.
The Credits do not expire. They can be used for your next payout.

3. Can I choose when to use Free Payouts and Credits?🔗

No, you cannot choose when to use Free Payouts and Credits. If available, Free Payouts are used first, followed by Credits. Fees and taxes are deducted from your account balance only after these are exhausted.