Integrate RazorpayX with Zoho Books

Integrate RazorpayX with Zoho Books to sync account statement, vendor payments and payouts for easy reconciliation while accounting.

Zoho Books is a financial platform that enables you to create invoices, maintain and reconcile bank accounts, and make tax payments to ensure GST compliance.

If you are a Zoho Books user, you can integrate your Zoho account with RazorpayX to sync payment information between RazorpayX to Zoho Books. This makes reconciliation easy.

To start the integration process:

  1. Log in to your .
  2. Navigate to ProfileMy Accounts & SettingsIntegrations.
  3. Select ZOHOBOOKS in the Accounting Tool Integration menu.
  4. You can Invite Finance Team → or integrate on your own by clicking Integrate Myself. If you have invited your finance team, they can click Integrate →.
  5. Select the domain in which your Zoho Books is hosted.
    1. Click Proceed with .in if your domain is .IN
    2. Click Proceed with .com if your domain is .COM
  6. Now, RazorpayX will redirect to the Zoho Books website. Login to your Zoho Books account and click Accept.
  7. You are then redirected back to RazorpayX to complete the final step. Select your organisation from the drop-down list which is synced from Zoho Books.
  8. Your GSTIN is pre-filled. Click NEXT. This integration works only if you have a GSTIN attached to your Zoho Books account.
  9. Connect your RazorpayX bank account/s to an existing Zoho Books ledger or create a new one by selecting from the drop-down menu. All payments made via the chosen RazorpayX bank account appear in the respective ledger on Zoho Books.
    This works with both the Current account as well as RazorpayX Lite.
  10. Review the settings. Change Sync Settings if you want to make any changes or click NEXT →.

If you click Change Sync Settings, you can disable the functions listed below. All the functions are enabled by default.

  • Send invoices form RazorpayX to Zoho Books

  • Sync Payouts data from RazorpayX to Zoho Books

  • View RazorpayX bank account statement in Zoho Books

This completes Zoho Books Integration and a success message is displayed as shown below. Either Go to Accounting → and explore the feature or Setup a Demo Call.

After you integrate with Zoho Books, navigate to the Accounting tab from the

. You can sync your payouts and vendor payments to Zoho Books here.

Accounting on RazorpayX Dashboard

Payouts are listed under the Expenses tab and Vendor Payments are listed under the Bills tab.

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The following are the available settings for your Zoho Books Integration:


You can choose to disable or enable the following options:

You can also Refresh Zoho Books Expense Accounts, Bank Ledgers and Tax Groups.


Setting rules will automate categorisation and hence reduce the manual effort drastically. You can set the following rules:

  • Contact Rules
    • Set contact rules for .
    • Select the drop-down under Zoho Books Expense Account and choose the relevant Account for the particular contact. You can also Add Contact + and add a new rule for it.
    Contact rules
  • Purpose Rules
    • Set purpose rules for .
    • Select the drop-down under Zoho Books Expense Account and choose the relevant Account for the particular RazorpayX Purpose and select the relevant Tax Slab. You can also Add Purpose +.
    Purpose rules

Contact Mapping

Select the relevant Zoho Vendor from the drop-down menu or + Create New Vendor to map it to the particular RazorpayX Contact to avoid duplication of vendors on Zoho Books.

Contact mapping

Account Mapping

Setup ledgers in Zoho Books for RazorpayX accounts. Select the Zoho Books Expense Account you want to map with the particular RazorpayX Account.

Account mapping

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