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Base URL: https://api.razorpay.com/v1/

The virtual account response contains attributes such as id and customer_id, and also a field receivers. This is an array that defines what receivers are available for the virtual account.

For example, if the receiver_types field of the original request contained bank_account, then the response will contain a receivers array with one element, which gives details of that bank_account receiver such as account number, IFSC, etc.


The request format for virtual account creation recently underwent a change, and the updated format can be found here. The request format given below will eventually be deprecated.

For new integrations, we strongly recommend you use the updated request format, as it allows a host of new features, most particularly the support for completely-numeric account numbers by default.

Copycurl -u rzp_test_26ccbdbfe0e84b:69b2e24411e384f91213f22a \ -X POST \ --data "receiver_types[]=bank_account" \ --data "description=First Virtual Account" \ --data "notes[reference_key]=reference_value" \ https://api.razorpay.com/v1/virtual_accounts
Copy{ "id": "va_4xbQrmEoA5WJ0G", "entity": "virtual_account", "description": "First Virtual Account", "customer_id": "cust_805c8oBQdBGPwS", "status": "active", "amount_paid": 0, "notes": { "reference_key": "reference_value" }, "receivers": [ { "id": "ba_4lsdkfldlteskf", "entity": "bank_account", "name": "Merchant Billing Label", "account_number": "11122219877893452", "ifsc": "RAZR0000001" } ], "created_at": 1455696638 }

With the exception of the Create API, the request format for all other API endpoints remains the same, and can be checked here.


To migrate to the new request format, simply replace the receiver_types parameter in the request body with the equivalent receivers.types parameters.

Copy{ "receiver_types": [ "bank_account" ], "description": "First Virtual Account", "customer_id": "cust_805c8oBQdBGPwS", "notes": { "reference_key": "reference_value" } }
Copy{ "receivers": { "types": [ "bank_account" ] }, "description": "First Virtual Account", "customer_id": "cust_805c8oBQdBGPwS", "notes": { "reference_key": "reference_value" } }

Note that receiver.types is a mandatory parameter.

By default, the account number generated using the new request format is wholly numeric, thus allowing it to be used on a wider range of platforms. This is a change from the older request format, which produced only alphanumeric account numbers.