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Use Razorpay Route to split payments between third parties and manage settlements, refunds and reconciliations by creating Linked Accounts.

Razorpay Route allows you to split payments between third parties, sellers or bank accounts. Using Route, you can easily manage settlements, refunds, reconciliations and make vendor payments. It is helpful for businesses that disburse payments in a one-to-many model.

Using Razorpay Route, you can:

  • Add and manage Linked Accounts.
  • Split payments and transfer funds to multiple Linked Accounts.
  • Reverse transferred funds and manage customer refunds with automated reversals.
  • Manage Linked Account settlements.
  • Move from manual and file-based reconciliation to an entirely API driven one and more.
What We Offer

Instant Transfers

Razorpay Route facilitates instant transfers, ensuring recipients receive their payments promptly. This benefits businesses and individuals relying on timely payments for their operations or financial needs.

Multiple Payment Transfers

Razorpay Route splits payments into various portions, allowing for seamless funds transfer to different parties involved in a transaction. This is particularly useful in marketplaces, where sellers, service providers, and platform owners receive their respective shares.

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate Razorpay Route within the existing payment system and platform. Its API-driven approach allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate Razorpay Route into their systems by enhancing payment capabilities without significant disruptions.

Transparent Reporting and Settlements

Razorpay provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, allowing us to track transactions, transfers, and settlements.

Given below is the funds flow in Route:

Route Flow
  1. Customer makes a purchase on your site.
  2. You can choose to do any one of the followig:
    • Initiate transfer of funds to Linked Accounts.
    • Defer the transfer from being settled.
    • Define a time until which the transfer settlement should be delayed.
  3. Razorpay settles funds to the Linked Account and sends a webhook payload to you.

You should add Linked Accounts using

or before using Route.

To get started with Route:

  1. Log in to the and click Route under PAYMENT PRODUCTS. If you do not have a Razorpay account, .
  2. After log in, you should add linked accounts to start using Route. Refer to the page for more information.
  3. Once linked accounts are added, you can then start creating transfers to those accounts. Refer to the page for more information.

Go through

for more understanding.

Razorpay Route is supported on the following platforms:


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