Submit Evidence

Check the details required by the issuing bank for Disputes. Submit evidence to contest disputes.

The process of submitting various evidence/documents to banks and gateways for contesting a dispute is called Dispute Presentment.

In situations where you want to contest the dispute to prove that the transaction was fair, you can submit some proof of evidence. Know more about

Following is the list of the documents that you are required to submit as proof of evidence while contesting a dispute:

  • Explanation letter from you
  • Customer's recall letter
  • Order or service confirmation
  • Refund confirmation
  • Order or service cancellation
  • Delivery proof
  • Shipping proof
  • Access activity log (any server or activity logs that prove that the customer accessed or downloaded the purchased digital product)

This is not a complete list!

The list as mentioned above is not a complete list. The actual list of documents required as proof of evidence depends on the customer's issuing bank.

If you contest, the documents are sent to the customer’s bank. The bank reviews the case and provides a verdict. If you lose the dispute, the amount in the dispute is deducted from your account and is sent to the customer.

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