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My Account

You can configure and customize your checkout page using the Settings tab on the Razorpay Dashboard. You can also setup webhooks, generate API keys and configure payment methods.

My Account Tabs and Actions🔗

Following are the tabs available under My Account and the actions you can perform:




● Change your checkout theme.
● Enable or disable Flash Checkout.
● Change the default Refund Speed.
● Enable or disable International Payments.
● Configure email notifications.


View the information on credits, Amount Credits and Fee Credits, that are available to you.


● View your current balance.
● Add funds to your current balance.
● Activate your reserve balance.
● Check your reserved balance.
● Add funds to your reserved balance.

Manage Team

Control your team members' access on the Razorpay Dashboard by setting appropriate roles

Support Tickets

Track the support tickets that you have raised.