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Payment Links

Payment Links are securely generated web addresses that allow your customers to make payments using the supported payment methods. Payment Links can be sent via SMS or email.

How it works#

Payment Links can be created from the Dashboard or via API. You can preset details such as amount, link expiry time, and more, and send it across to the customer via email or SMS. The customer can choose from the payment modes and complete payment accordingly. On payment completion, you will receive the amount in your bank account based on your settlement cycle. You can also enable webhooks to receive notifications about the payment as they get completed.

Payment Links Life Cycle#

A Payment Link has the following statuses:




Payment Link is created and sent to the customer.

partially paid

A partial payment has been made using this link.


Payment for the link is completed by the customer.


Payment Link has been cancelled.


Payment Link has expired. You can set a expiry timestamp at the time of creation. You can refer the API reference for more details.

The following diagram illustrates the different statuses of Payment Links:

A Payment Link once created cannot be deleted. However, it can be cancelled.