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Hosted Web Integration - Checkout Form Fields

Described below are the various checkout form fields used in Hosted Web Integration.

key_id mandatory

string Enter <YOUR_Key_ID> generated from the Dashboard.

name mandatory

string The business name to be shown in the checkout form.


string Description of the item purchased shown in the checkout form.

image optional

string URL of the logo that must appear on the checkout form. It is recommended to add the logo using the Razorpay Dashboard.

order_id mandatory

string Unique identifier of the Order, created using the Orders API.

amount mandatory

integer Enter the amount to charge the customer, in currency subunits. For example, if charging the customer INR 200, enter 20000.

currency mandatory

string Enter the currency to be used in the payment. Ensure that currency of the payment matches the Order currency. Defaults to INR. We support more than 90 currencies.

method optional

string Use this parameter to show a specific payment method in Checkout. Possible values:

  • card
  • netbanking
  • wallet
  • emi
  • upi

The fields that can be pre-populated in the Checkout form.

name optional
string Name of the card holder.
email mandatory
string Email address of the customer.
contact mandatory
string Customer's phone number.

object An additional set of fields that you want to associate with the payment. You can add "shipping address", "alternate contact" in the Notes field. Up to 15 note` fields can be specified this way.

[Shipping address]
string 106, Razorpay, Bangalore
[Alternate contact]
string 9999999999
callback_url mandatory

string Page to which the customers are redirected to after a successful payment. razorpay_payment_id, razorpay_order_id and razorpay_signature are sent as form-data through a POST request to the callback_url.


string The URL customers are redirected to after the cancellation of a payment.