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Custom Web Integration - EMI Plans

Fetch EMI Plans🔗

There might be cases when you have to display the available EMI plans not only on the Checkout, but on your site too. In such cases, you can use the Razorpay checkout helper methods to fetch the details of the EMI plans and display them on your site. You can use the event ready, as shown below:

Copyvar razorpay = new Razorpay(...); // as before /** * The above code remains the same. * You can fetch the available EMI plans by adding the below code in your options. */ razorpay.once('ready', function() { console.log(razorpay.methods.emi_plans); console.log(razorpay.methods.netbanking); })
Copy{ "HDFC": { "min_amount": 300000, "plans": { "3": 12, "6": 12, "9": 13, "12": 13, "18": 15, "24": 15 } }, "AMEX": { "min_amount": 500000, "plans": { "3": 15, "6": 15, "9": 15, "12": 15 } } // etc.. }
string Lists the EMI-supported banks with their respective interest rates.
string Contains the list of all banks and bank-codes.

Calculate EMI🔗

You can utilize the function Razorpay.emi.calculator to calculate installment amounts as shown below:

CopyRazorpay.emi.calculator(principal_amount, duration_in_month, annual_interest_rate);

The below code will calculate EMI for a principal amount of 10000(in paisa),that is, ₹100 over 12 months with an annual interest rate of 9%:

CopyRazorpay.emi.calculator(10000, 12, 9); = 874

The above code does not do any unit conversion of the principal amount. The returned amount will have the same unit as the principal. If the principal amount is in paisa, the returned EMI amount will also be in paisa.