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Support Tickets

Using the Support Tickets tab, you can track the tickets raised by you on the Razorpay Dashboard. This makes it easier to find the tickets and saves time spent on searching for ticket details in your emails.


  • Only the last three tickets in Open state are displayed. Closed tickets do not appear here.
  • The Support Tickets tab is available for both Live and Test modes of the Razorpay Dashboard.
  • User roles, Owner and Admin can only raise support tickets using this tab.
  • You can view only those tickets that were raised using the Razorpay Dashboard.

Track Status of Open Tickets🔗

Follow these steps to track the status of your open support tickets:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to My AccountSupport Tickets.

  3. A list of last 3 open tickets is displayed. Click the Ticket ID to view details about the ticket.

     <img class="click-zoom"  src="/docs/assets/images/dashboard-guide/support-tickets/select-ticket.png"  width="800"  alt="Select Existing Support Ticket">
  4. You can request for an update, provide information or add attachments, such as error screenshot. Provide the details and click Send Reply.

     <img class="click-zoom"  src="/docs/assets/images/dashboard-guide/support-tickets/reply.png"  width="800"  alt="Reply to Support Ticket">

Raise New Support Tickets🔗

You can also raise new tickets from this tab. To do this:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to My AccountSupport Tickets.

  3. Click Write to us.

     <img class="click-zoom"  src="/docs/assets/images/dashboard-guide/support-tickets/create-ticket.png"  width="800"  alt="Create Support Ticket">
  4. Select the nature of request, provide the relevant details and click Submit.

     <img class="click-zoom"  src="/docs/assets/images/dashboard-guide/support-tickets/raise-request-details.png"  width="600"  alt="Raise Ticket">

    A list of last three tickets in open status pops up. Click on the ticket id to view details.