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A dispute is a situation that arises when your customer or the issuing bank questions the validity of payment. It could arise due to reasons such as unauthorized charges, failure to deliver promised merchandise, excessive charges and so on.

From the Dashboard, you can:

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View Disputes🔗

To view the details of a dispute raised:

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsDisputes.
  2. Click a Dispute Id to view the details of a specific dispute.

The short animation below shows you how to view the details of a payment.



Indicates that the dispute has been created.

Under Review🔗

Indicates that the dispute is being reviewed by the issuing bank.


Indicates that the bank has accepted the remedial documents and you have won the chargeback.


Indicates that the bank did not accept the remedial documents and you have lost the chargeback.


This status appears in the case of fraud transactions. A fraud case is closed after you provide details of the transaction or make a refund to the customer.