Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions about Razorpay.

1. How can I start using Razorpay products?🔗

To start using any of the Razorpay products, you need to sign up with Razorpay. Know more about Getting Started with Razorpay.

2. If I have created an account for Razorpay Payment products, do I still need to create an account with RazorpayX?🔗

If you have an existing Razorpay account for Razorpay Payment products, you can use the same set of user ID and password for RazorpayX. Know more about Getting Started with RazorpayX.

3. I do not have any website. Can I still use Razorpay?🔗

Yes, you can. There are many Razorpay products available using which you can accept and make payments without having any website or mobile app.

4. There are so many Razorpay products. How do I know which one is best for my business?🔗

Please read the article about the various Razorpay products to decide on the product that best meets your business requirements. You can also raise a support request.

5. How much does Razorpay charge per transaction?🔗

Under the standard plan designed for small and medium enterprises, Razorpay charges 2% per transaction. Razorpay also offers an enterprise plan designed for large volumes, which gives you the best prices possible for your business. Know more about pricing.