We call it, “R-Query”. Since demonetisation and US presidential elections, we knew that ₹ is the future and we can’t rely on $ anymore.
Indian Developers
Powerup ₹Query with Plugins
₹Query supports tons of plugins out of the box.
And many more…
What makes ₹Query Awesome?
Sharma Ji Ka Beta
Faster than Sharma Ji Ka Beta
Nationalised and Localised
Mitron Ka Support
Mitti Di Khushboo
After Trump got elected as the president, I lost my faith over $. I wanted something indigenous, and ₹Query was perfect!
Saurav, Frontend Ninja
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In addition to jQuery methods, there are dedicated national functions like deMonetize, Bhangra and More.
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Made in India with, chaach, aloo parantha, sarso da saag, lehsun ki chutney and much more. Burrp.
Disclaimer: Humor is a funny thing. And 1st April is all about it. Our intention isn't to demean any person or event. Pinky promise.