Want to know all the features of human resource management software?

Human resource management software is used by an HR specialist to take care of their day-to-day job responsibilities which include–recruiting & hiring, managing employee information, handling employee training, evaluations, retention, etc. 

HR management software helps manage all the above activities seamlessly and efficiently. 

Having said that, an enterprise-level HR management software has a myriad of features that are not the perfect fit for small businesses; hence adding to workflow complexity. So, if you are planning to choose the best Human resource management software for your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Let’s look at the top 5 features to look for in human resource management software.

Top 5 Must-Haves in Human Resource Management Software

1. Employee Onboarding

An employee’s first interaction with an organisation starts with their onboarding process, which is based on an onboarding checklist. In the case of manual checklists, there is room for errors, and it is a time-consuming exercise. 

On the other hand, robust HR management software will have built-in employee onboarding features that will significantly ease the process of onboarding a new recruit. For instance, it can generate offer letters, appointment letters, etc., and also act as an employee self-service portal where they can upload initial documents including personal information such as salary slips, graduation certificates, and experience letters. 

A delightful onboarding experience can reduce an employee’s time-to-productivity, boost morale, enhance engagement, and reduce turnover.

2. Employee Self-Service

Nowadays, employees seek on-demand access to information & portals. So, it becomes crucial to give them the liberty to access their employment information, leave balances, tax documents, shared company documents, etc., with the help of the built-in employee self-service feature of the human resource management software.

Good platforms allow employees to access their profiles from anywhere with just an internet connection. This way, the employees can apply for leaves, track training, review benefits, and more.

3. Payroll Processing

An ideal human resource management software is also a payroll software that automates the HR processes and empowers your HR staff, minimising manual intervention and associated errors. In the past, an HR department would take 3 to 14 days for payroll processing, which can now be cut down to just a few hours with the help of good HR management software.

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The main function of payroll software is computing and paying salaries, deducting appropriate taxes such as TDS, PT, PF, and delivering the payslips. The software also ensures process accuracy and security of stored confidential employee data.

4. Workflow Automation

Automation allows businesses to automate (as the name suggests) most of the repetitive tasks that tend to drag down the efficiency of various HR activities. For instance, it allows the system to send notifications or announce the latest information to all the relevant employees to keep them informed about any changes.

Besides, it also helps the HR department review employees’ work, meet expectations, engage, ask for team members’ feedback, etc. All these activities may seem trivial, but they can be really tiresome. A good human resource management software takes away all the hassle while ensuring a shorter and more consistent process cycle.

5. Analytics & Reporting

Data is only as good as you can use it. Like big data in finance & marketing, you too can draw immense benefits in terms of productivity and quality by analysing the information about your employees. Based on the analysed data, you can plan their training and development as well as their career progression in sync with that of the organisation. 

Ideally, good human resource management software usually comes with various built-in reporting features, ranging from absenteeism to employee performance, staffing needs, etc. 

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