From barter systems to QR code scanners, we have come a long way when it comes to making a payment to avail the benefits of a product or service. In fact, total transaction value in the digital payments segment is projected to reach US$74,036m in 2020. 

Before we started working on this quick guide for you, we ran a google search to understand what is currently served when a business or an individual searches for how to collect payments from customers. And unfortunately, very few options seemed like a comprehensive read that can help a visitor with actionables. That’s what led us to creating this article. We aim to assist businesses who are searching for how to collect payments from customers. Let’s get started!

How to collect payments from customer – The basics

Let’s take a moment and understand why this shift from offline to online is essential before we jump on the ‘how to’ part of this. Reports suggest that today, most Indian consumers rely on online stores to make their purchases.

[bctt tweet=”With online commerce penetrating the Indian market by 74%, close to 3,29.1 million people are projected to buy goods and services via online stores by the end of 2020. ” username=”Razorpay”]

This makes two things clear: 

  • There’s a massive rise in the online e-commerce and the industry as a whole which brings in potential for every industry to invest and jump on the bandwagon
  • Yet, businesses struggle to find affordable, secure and supportive payments partner that can help them digitise all their operations

If you are an individual or a business who has an online presence already – in the form of a store or social media business profiles, then this read will help you understand how to take a step ahead and accept digital payments. But, what if you are just getting stepped into the online world? Well, we have got you covered.

Set up your online store with Razorpay Payment Pages 

10 minutes. Zero coding. No website or application needed. 

That is how we define Payment Pages in a few words. Razorpay Payment Pages are explicitly designed for people who do not have a website and want to accept online payments. You can create an online store within 10 minutes and accept payments from anywhere, anytime. Yes, we support international payments too! 

The best part you ask? This requires no coding or technical knowledge. 

Payment Pages helps you build a proper web page with customized content, ready-to-use template, media support and social media sharing option: everything that you need in the initial stages when you open the door and step into the online world!

Share the Payment Page with your customers, add it to your social media channels, share across groups over social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. and let your customers explore your products. When they finally find what they are looking for, they can add it to their cart and pay within minutes.

Advantages of using Razorpay Payment Pages

  • Everything from creating a page to collecting payments can happen within minutes
  • Zero coding effort with a customisable theme
  • Customs URLs that align with your brand name, so that they are easy to remember
  • Social media sharing, an elaborative dashboard for easy reporting and agile customer support

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Does it look like this can be your go-to while you conduct your research? Well then, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and make that dream come true within minutes!

How to collect payments via website builders

The above mentioned read solves for the people who are just starting. But what if you are already using the services provided by website builders like WordPress, SquareSpace, Magento, WooCommerce and so on?

Razorpay offers multiple payment options depending on the requirements. Listed below are some of the products that you can use to collect digital payments from your customers.

Payment Gateway: Quick integration, 24*7 support

A lot of small business owners and startups find it challenging to choose a payment gateway for their business out of the many options available to them. Here are the things that an efficient payment gateway brings with it:

  • Multiple payment modes
  • Easy and quick onboarding
  • Good success rates
  • PCI-DSS compliant security
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Competitive pricing options
  • Free setup costs and no annual maintenance charges

Razorpay Payment Gateway is built for developers and comes with well-documented SDKs, powerful APIs and plugins for all major platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more. You can also run offers from specific cards, wallets or banks with a click of a button or run festival or promotional offers to boost your sales during specific times. Read more about what is a payment gateway and how it works. 

Lastly, you can choose to give your customers an option to pay via no cost card EMIs as well as cardless EMIs. Razorpay Payment Gateway also allows businesses to integrate with PayLater service providers through the payment gateway easily. 

However, if you are looking for something that demands zero integration and can be used single handedly by someone who does not have a tech background, we have options for you. 

Here is what the Razorpay Payments Suite comes equipped with, along with our Payment Gateway. 

Payment Links: Zero coding, social media payments

Razorpay Payment Links allows you to create and send links to your customers via SMS, email, WhatsApp, social media and chatbots.

Businesses that have the payment gateway can use Payment Links to send payment reminders to their customers or convert customers that have abandoned their carts or send payment links in bulk to multiple customers, and more. 

Payment Buttons: A line of code, copy & paste

Razorpay Payment Button is designed for everyone who wants to accept online payments within one ecosystem, without any redirections. It requires zero coding and design efforts.

A business or an individual can copy a line of code and paste it wherever they would like to embed it. They can also choose to customize the button as per their requirement. The best part you ask? Well, you can get going within 5 minutes! 

ePOS App: On the go payments, online KYC

The Razorpay ePOS app allows businesses to collect digital payments in the offline world. You can empower your sales or delivery force with the ePOS app and allow them to collect digital payments from customers at the time of a physical interaction. Accept social media payments, track payment status and view reports right from the mobile app.

To make it the best experience for you and your customers, we offer no monthly limit, online KYC and a lot more- with zero maintenance charges!  

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Please note: All of these products can also help you accept international payments. 

In conclusion

While you finalise on how to collect payments from customers, it is very essential to ensure that you spend enough time in mapping your requirements and the services that the payments partner is providing. 

Sign up with Razorpay today and find out how choosing the best payment partner can help you grow your business.


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