Video creation has become popular with companies mainly due to the rise of digital marketing strategies in the business world. Nowadays, whether it is a small company, start-up, or an established business, all are using the power of video content in creating brand awareness. 

Today, you can create a marketing video for Instagram sessions or Facebook live videos within a few minutes. It is one of the best marketing strategies to stand above the competitors.

A good video is one that associates well with a brand and leaves a strong impact in the mind of target audiences within a few seconds. As per a survey by Wyzowl, 85% of business brands feel that video marketing is essential for business growth!

The factors that need to be kept in mind while creating a video are the content, the strategy used, and how consistent one is in publishing video content. The best video is the one that gains attention and increases engagement with the target audiences. 

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How to make a good marketing video?

  • Know your target audience:

The first requirement of creating a marketing video is to make yourself aware of your audience and the platforms they are using most of the time. Secondly, the target audience you are choosing must need the product or services you are offering. For instance, if most of your audience is using Facebook, there are great features available on the platform that support your efforts of creating a marketing video. 

If your audience is on Instagram or YouTube, then you must analyse the style of video creation. Choose the one that works well on a highly visual platform. This can be called the “research stage”. The better the research, the better your marketing video will do. 

  • Your marketing video creation goal must be clear:

A good marketing video always conveys a direct message. It is good to be clear about the purpose of video creation – are you doing it for lead generation? Is it for promoting a specific big piece of news or launching a new product or service? It is wise to break the video into categories and post the content month-wise. 

This is a better way to promote the business.  Some categories of videos you can use are teaser videos or last-call videos. You can even make a video as a part of special campaigns or for offline event videos as a part of a monthly plan. To create a compelling marketing video, make sure you sprinkle one video of different types each week.

  • Decide the brand language:

Before creating any marketing video, jot down the main message you want the viewer to remember after watching the video. The next step is adding the inquiry factor in the video. The easiest way of accomplishing the answering strategy is by using a clear tone and style of your business communication. The best example is the ‘MailChimp’, observing how they use a playful tone in their messaging.

  • Creation of content:

When adding video footage, it is essential to think about the audience. The platform on which you are publishing the content should match well with the nature of the audience. Try to elicit emotion in the video. Keep in mind the story developed in the video. Make sure that the video is aspirational and relatable for your audience. 

If your brand is peppy and playful, or if this is an animated video, make sure that your video footage grabs the target audience’s interest. There are several online video editing software available to help you create high-quality animated content that successfully adds a new twist to a video and playfully showcases the brand image.

  • Write an effective text for the video:

Text is the main stage that decides the success of your video marketing. Make sure that the text is displayed in a gap of 3 seconds of your video advertisement. For creating a successful and impactful marketing video, make sure that whoever is watching the video asks more about the brand. However, using too many ideas in one video is like the death of video content. If you are stuck at any stage of video creation, set your focus on the needs of your target audience. It will help in the creation of the best micro-copy for your video.

  • Add sound effects:

Many of us often watch videos in silent mode on social media platforms. However, as a brand, you also have to think about those watching the video without muting the sound. Make sure you are using a good music track to make your video lively. Always go with a sound that impacts the viewer emotionally and creates empathy or evokes feelings. For example, you can choose music that is humorous to evoke feelings of relatability and likeness.

  • Write an engaging caption for the video:

Recent studies have revealed that when one watches a video, one of the first things that attract them is its caption. After reading the caption, one decides to stay on the page to watch the video or leave.  So as an editor, it is most important to choose a descriptive video title that one can search for easily. Choosing the right keywords is vital. Not everyone watches videos with sounds; in that case, using strong textual content can boost the video’s reach.

  • Add a call-to-action button:

The marketing video is incomplete without adding a call-to-action button in the final slide. When you are creating a business video, you cannot make it just for fun; the aim is to convert your leads into prospective clients. Make sure that the end of the video clarifies the video’s message. Many editors follow the standard practice of adding the business logo, website link, or tagline in the last section of the video.


Creating marketing videos now takes the same time as saying lights, camera, and action! If you are still confused, there are many online video marketing tools available to guide social media executives, social media managers, content marketers, marketing gurus, and business owners. All one has to follow three main steps: drag, drop footage and publish.


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