Passive income is a long-term decision that involves short-term trade-offs. If you’re willing to commit your time, skills, and money towards your goal of generating passive income, then you could be generating a lot of income in the long run.

There are a hundred of options available to earn passive income. And in case you’re a web developer, you are in for a treat because the technology-savvy world cannot do without you. Millions of small and large businesses need web developing services to operate, so if you have the skills, the money is yours.

What is Passive income?

It is a stream of cash flow that one earns from a source other than his/her primary profession. Traditional sources of passive income have been earnings from rental properties, deposits, or investments in businesses. All these have been good long-term options.

21 Passive Income Ideas in India for developers

we’re going to tell you about some of the best passive income ideas in India for web developers. So, just sit back and read along.

1. Developing and selling chatbots for customer support

Most businesses now depend on artificial intelligence for their customer support operations to save their time and focus on integral customer grievances. Hence, if you can create chatbots as a web developer, selling them to clients could earn you some extra money.

2. Creating bots 

The future is promising enough to expect the least human intervention in business operations. Fortunately, it is in the works already if we consider the increased demand for bots in the e-commerce industry. Thus, if you happen to create bots, most e-commerce companies require it not only for their customer services but also for other miscellaneous yet integral operations. 

3. Technical blogging 

As of late, blogging has been one of the most popular passive income sources in India. You just have to communicate the relevant knowledge to help readers, and you’ll be in for some extra money primarily through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and Google Ads. 

4. Purchase and re-selling of domain names 

This has to be the easiest and one of the most decent passive income ideas in India that would require minimum effort. You just have to purchase a domain name that you think has the potential to sell in the future, hold it, and then resell it again, keeping a margin for profit.

5. API development and management 

Most businesses have moved their integral operations from websites to applications, thus creating an increased demand for API services that web developers can sell and earn decent money.

6. Advertisement

Bloggers and website owners can earn some extra income by running ads. You can certainly do blogging; if not, you can suggest to your clients to run ads on their website for both of you to earn some extra money.

7. Web-hosting services 

All big and small businesses need to make their websites accessible, and this is where web-hosting services come in handy. As a web developer, it is the most basic practice which you can go for to increase your income. 

8. Finding loopholes and hacks

Most social media and web giants reward individuals with a hefty amount for spotting functional or security bugs on their websites, apps, and programs. You can do that individually or on behalf of third-party companies in exchange for a fee.

9. White-hat hacker 

Cyberspace is not a safe and secured place these days, owing to the rapid increase in cyberattacks reported daily. If you have the skills of a white-hat hacker, then you can definitely offer your services to those in need.

10. Web-theme selling 

Website aesthetics have been of utmost significance lately, which is why most businesses require it to offer their users a seamless, user-friendly UI. You can create industry-focused web themes and sell them to clients to earn extra money as a web developer.

11.Create and sell WordPress plugins 

The world of blogging depends on WordPress, making WordPress plugins in demand for users to introduce their blogs on Google and other search engines. Since the task is technically backed, bloggers have to depend on web developers like you for help.

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12.Selling e-books and courses 

As mentioned before, when you are a developer, you have the skills the world needs. Now you may sell them as freelance gimmicks or sell them through your own e-books—guiding and enlightening individuals about the world of web development.

13.Creating widgets 

Widgets have now become integral for a seamless and convenient UX design, consequently creating increased demand in the market. That being said, you can develop your own widgets, thus keeping the user’s experience and grievance in mind, and then sell them to clients.

14. Create apps and sell 

Gone are the days when businesses would operate solely through their websites. Now the technology-savvy 21st century has apps to facilitate ease and efficiency in business operations. As a web developer, you can take advantage and sell apps to businesses to generate income.

15. Sell your services for equity 

The money would come and go, however, equity will only provide you indirect income with meager effort for years to come. Having said that, you can sell your services to promising businesses in exchange for equity to earn profits and stability.

16. Creating and selling software

Both private and government industries need software for their operations. If you can build one for them to meet their demands and requirements, it’s one of the most financially promising passive income ideas in India.

17. Gaming 

Gaming is ever young, and interestingly, most web developers love gaming enough to develop their own game websites and applications.

18. Become a consultant 

If you think you are highly skilled and can solve major programming problems, your help is needed in your niche. You can become a part-time consultant for clients to help them in operations.

19. Lease dedicated servers 

Businesses need traffic on their websites, and this is where dedicated servers come in handy. Now since their maintenance doesn’t need you all the time, this serves as one of the most schedule-friendly and remotely working passive income sources in India.

20. Be active on freelance websites 

Not only businesses but individuals too require web developing services for their personal endeavours. These individuals would often list their services on freelancing sites such as Upwork and If you are just starting out, these sites can be great to generate leads for your services.

21. Razorpay Partner Program

Razorpay is now India’s top payment solutions company aiming to help businesses run seamless transactional operations. At Razorpay, we are on a constant lookout for partners to join our Razorpay Partner Program, not only to help us in our endeavour but also to simplify their business’ payments and earn some extra money in the process. 

Interestingly, this is just one of the many benefits. As our partner, you are entitled to a fixed bonus reward per referral. Additionally, you can also get a 0.1 % commission on your customer’s transaction value.

The cherry on the cake is, your customers can benefit too! You can offer them the lowest payment gateway charges, integration kits, priority support, exclusive access to the latest features, and not to mention, a secure transactional environment they can trust with their eyes closed. 

It’s an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.  

So, if you are in, we’re excitedly waiting for you!


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