In today’s age of social media, where content literally is the king, one can find a host of information on all sorts of topics that one can imagine. Now the problem that many content creators face with readers having access to such a wide array of content is how to make their own content stand out from the crowd. It is quite possible that the topic you chose for your audience was also in the mind of another content creator. So how do you cut through the competition and grab eyeballs? One word – fonts

Here’s a list of some useful online font generators to keep your content looking super fresh, especially for small and medium businesses. And the best thing is, they are free!


If you are targeting a millennial audience, the chances are that they really (still) like the whole early 2000s vibe. Visualize the iconic MySpace, MSN messenger, and Disney channel era, which was so popular. To provide them with a dose of nostalgia, visit Glowtxt. Choose from different sizes, styles, glow or animation options, change the background and get to download it for free! Also, you get an option to download it as a PNG or GIF file, depending on whether you added any animation or not. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect:

Glowtxt Font Generator Preview

Instagram Fonts

Some businesses operate through their social media accounts such as Instagram. Certain fonts and typefaces are doing the rounds on Instagram, which are popular due to their attractive and eye-catching style. One can easily copy and use these styles not just for Instagram but for websites as well. Here’s a preview of IG Fonts.IG fonts preview

Online Text Generator

The art of calligraphy is also an attractive typeface that a lot of businesses dealing in premium or luxury items tend to use. This is because an elegant font conveys the premium quality of the product being sold. Fonts depicting handwritings, calligraphy, cursive style, etc., can also appeal to a targeted demographic for whom specific products such as wine glasses, perfumes, luxury watches, etc., are intended. Here is a depiction of what calligraphy text font would look like:

Calligraphy text font previewFont Meme

Readers often recall specific fonts used by popular brands or movies/TV shows. Using such easily recallable fonts can provide an edge to a fledgling business. This is because readers tend to gravitate more towards familiar typefaces that pique their curiosity, increasing the likelihood of the reader clicking on particular content. Such fonts are ideal for businesses selling novelty, theme-based, or gift items. Here is an example of a Halloween-inspired font from font meme.

font meme's Halloween font text previewFont Generator

The font-generator website allows you to choose from a variety of categories and several styles under each category. You could choose from categories like handwriting, elegant, weird, ancient, etc. You also get an option to customize the font color, size, and background color and an option to download the file as JPG, PNG, or GIF. Here is a Greek-inspired font:

font-generator sample text

Font Space

The Font Space is a highly easy-to-use, no-nonsense website where you simply input your text and get to choose from a variety of preset font styles and directly copy and paste them onto your platform. This fuss-free generator is a handy tool for those who want to give an edge to their content, using clean yet trendy fonts without getting into a lot of hassle. Here is an example of a simple yet trendy and attractive font:

font space previewFont Struct

The Font struct platform puts an innovative spin to making cool new fonts using geometrical shapes. Just sign up on the platform for free and create custom fonts in a very simple way. It can then be downloaded and used for a variety of applications. This is a unique way to create innovative fonts that can grab anyone’s attention and direct traffic to your page. They even have a guide to help you easily navigate through this innovative platform. Here is a preview of the platform:

Font Struct preview

1001 Fonts

True to its name, this platform boasts of 1001 fonts that the user can choose from. There is an option to filter fonts that you can use for commercial use as well. You can change the size and background color to develop your own innovative and stylish font suited to your needs. Here is an example of a contemporary and stylish font. There are many more to be found on this website.

1001 Font Generator Preview

Tattoo Font Generator

The Tattoo font generator is yet another unique platform for creative and edgy fonts. It will be extremely useful for small tattoo businesses who want to highlight their creativity through their content. This platform is also very user-friendly. Simply type the text, choose the font, size, and background color. The platform supports direct printing of the design or to save it as a PDF when you right-click and choose print. Here is a sample font style to capture anyone’s interest:

tattoo font generator previewFlaming Text

Probably one of the most easy-to-use websites – Flaming text allows you to simply type in your text, choose from a variety of font styles available already, select further variations to it and download the text as a PNG file. That is all there is to it. Perfect for creating simplistic logos or banners, this platform has many catchy styles to choose from to suit your requirements. Here is one such edgy example:

Flaming Font Generator Preview


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