Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Check how to fetch GST challans from the GSTIN Portal and make payments using the RazorpayX Tax Payments app.

RazorpayX now offers GST Payment App for the benefit of its users. You can make GST payments from the

without the need to visit the GSTN portal.

Some of the advantages of using the RazorpayX Dashboard for making GST payments are:

  • Do not have to use the GSTN portal to pay dues.
  • Consolidated view of all your payouts and challans at a single location.
  • Your Chartered Accountant (CA) has access to all the challans without manual intervention.

Chartered Accountants also benefit from using the RazorpayX Dashboard for making GST payments for their clients because:

  • Your personal accounts remain untouched.
  • As a CA, you can avoid multiple back and forth with your clients for GST payments.
  • You can focus on compliance rather than payment procedures.

Know more about the

in RazorpayX.

Handy Tips

With RazorpayX, you will have access to historical challans for GST payments made through the Dashboard.

Watch this video to know more about making GST payments through RazorpayX.

To get started with GST Payments, all you need to do is:

  1. Naviagte to MenuTax Payments on the Dashboard.
  2. Go to GST PaymentsGet Started.
  3. In the set up pop-up, enter your GSTIN.

You can enter multiple GSTIN numbers to import challans generated for each of them. To file your GST, read on to see the prerequisites and actions performed using the RazorpayX Dashboard.

Before you begin to use RazorpayX for GST payments, you must send generate the challan on the GST portal. To do this:

  1. Enter your tax deposit details such as tax, interest, penalty and so on in the GSTIN portal. Select E-Payment as the Payment mode and click GENERATE CHALLAN as shown below:

    Add details in GSTIN portal and Generate Challan.
  2. Once challan is generated, navigate to Select Mode of E-Payment and select Net Banking. From the list displayed to select the bank through which you can make the payment, select ICICI BANK LIMITED. Check the Terms and Conditions apply box and select MAKE PAYMENT as shown:

    Select e-payment mode and make payment.

    Watch Out!

    It is mandatory to select ICICI Bank Limited because RazorpayX uses ICICI Bank's APIs to fetch challans from GST Portal to RazorpayX.

  3. A payment confirmation screen is displayed. Select INTERFACE USER - CLICK HERE to import this challan to RazorpayX as shown below:

    Add GSTIN by importing challan to RazorpayX.

See how you can make GST payments using the Tax Payments App in RazorpayX.

To set up GST in RazorpayX:

  1. Log in to your


  2. Navigate to MenuTax Payments.

  3. Go to GST Payments tab.

  4. On the GST Payments page, enter your GSTIN and click Next as shown below:

    Enter GSTIN in Set Up GST Payments pop-up.

    Handy Tips

    You can enter multiple GSTIN numbers to import challans generated for each of them.

  5. Select mode of e-payment as directed. Ensure that the mode of payment and bank selected is the same as entered in the GSTN portal, that is, select Net Banking and ICICI BANK LIMITED. Also, enter the email address of your CA/Accounting team (so that they will get the GST Portal Setup Guide) and click Email to continue as shown below:

    Add GST Bank Details and send email to CA

With this, the one-time setup of GSTN is complete, and a success message is displayed in the GST Payments tab. Click Fetch GST to fetch challans from the GSTIN portal as shown below:

GST Fetch Details highlighted in GST Payments tab in RazorpayX.

Once you fetch all the challans, they are displayed in the GST Payments tab as shown below:

GST Payments List View of challans paid and unpaid.

You can filter and view challans, paid and upcoming, using the Quick Filters menu.

To make a GST payment:

  1. Log in to your .
  2. Navigate to MenuTax Payments.
  3. Go to GST Payments tab.
  4. Click on the invoice row (not on the checkbox) to know which GST payment is due. The Invoice Details are displayed in a pop-out page.
  5. Verify the Payment Details. You can use the Show breakup link to view the details of GST, SGST, CGST, and IGST.
  6. Click Pay Now and follow the regular method to complete the payment as shown below:
    Make a GST Payment after checking the payment details.

Handy Tips

Once the payment is made on RazorpayX, you can use the VIEW CHALLAN button to download the challan. Clicking on VIEW CHALLAN redirects you to the GST portal.

You can copy and paste the CPIN and GSTIN from the

and use it to download the challan as shown here:

All paid GST Payments in GST Payments overview page.