Change Bulk Payouts Amount

Change the Bulk Upload Amount format to Rupees from the Paise format.

Upload your Payouts Bulk Upload file using Rupees format for the

. If you are using Paise units in your Bulk Upload file, you can change it to Rupees.

You can make this change from paise to rupee only if you are the Owner or have the Owner privileges. Know more about


Watch Out!

If changed to Rupees format, the CSV template stops working.

To enable this feature, you can perform any one of the following three actions:

  • On the RazorpayX home page, click Yes in the Change Bulk upload amount to Rupees window.
    bulk upload change to rupees from the X home page.

  • From the Payouts Dashboard, navigate to the Bulk tab. Click YES, MAKE THIS CHANGE in the Change Bulk Payout amount to Rupees? banner as shown below:
    bulk upload change to rupees on the bulk payouts dashboard.

  • From the Upload File page, before uploading the bulk payout file, click Yes, Make this change in the note displayed.
    bulk upload change to rupees before clicking NEXT in Create Bulk Payout.