CRED Pay Pricing

Pricing details for CRED Pay.

Given below are the pricing details for CRED Pay:

  • Revenue Share: 5%
  • Discount: 10% (This sponsors the discount that your customers get on burning CRED coins.)

Revenue share is calculated on the total payment amount and deducted along with the coin burn amount. Let us consider an example to understand this. The below table illustrates the settlement for a transaction of ₹1000 with 10% coin burn and 5% revenue share:

ParticularsAmount (in ₹)
Transaction Amount1000
Discount availed using CRED Coins100
Card Payment900
CRED Pay Revenue Share50 (5% of Transaction Amount)
GST9 (18% of Cred Pay Fee)
Total Fee59 (CRED Pay Fee + GST)
Settlement to Merchant841 (Transaction Amount - CRED Coins - Total Fee)

The following table indicates your ROI in using CRED Pay:

Average Customer (in ₹)Cred Customer (in ₹)
Average Order Value10001400 **
• Credit Card Fee @ 2% GMV
• CredPay Platform Fee @ 5%
Net Earnings9801190

Handy Tips

  • CRED Pay helps you to better engage with your premium customers. CRED members have a significantly higher average order value** than average customers, and this results in a 21% increase in Net earnings (₹ 1,190 vs. ₹ 980).

  • CRED members make purchases more frequently than average customers, which means you will also see a higher repeat purchase rate from these customers.

** Early results indicate that CRED members spend as much as 40% higher than average customers.

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