About Turbo UPI

Integrate with Turbo UPI to provide a 2-step UPI payment experience.

Use Razorpay Turbo UPI to make UPI payments faster. Following are the sample screens while making payments using Turbo UPI.

Razorpay Turbo UPI Payment Flow

  • Simplified payment process with just two steps.
  • Higher success rate.
  • One stop for refunds and disputes.

Watch Out!

Due to the sensitive nature of the added libraries, we must ensure that the app is running in a proper environment. Therefore, after integration, the app will not run on Android emulators.

  1. Contact our to get access to the sample app repository.
  2. Get your mobile number and app whitelisted.

Your customers can link their VPAs to your app with these steps:

  1. The customer navigates to your app's checkout screen and taps Add bank account.

    Turbo UPI Add Bank Account

    Handy Tips

    The customer needs to give permission so that we can validate the phone number with the bank.

    Turbo UPI SMS Verification

    Watch Out!

    As a compliance requirement, you need to get approval from Google for READ_SMS permission.

  2. The customer's bank details are fetched and linked to the VPA.

    Turbo UPI Fetch Bank Account
    • The customer selects a bank from the list.
      Turbo UPI Select Bank Account
  3. The customer can complete the payment using the new VPA.

Turbo UPI Payment Successful

Handy Tips

If no UPI PIN is set, the customers are prompted to provide their card details, enter an OTP and complete the set-up.

Turbo UPI Enter Card Details

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